a person s hands on the table wearing handcuffs
Eight years in prison for attempting to burn a couple alive in Celestún

Eduardo “N” will spend eight years, ten months, and twenty days in prison after being.

Former Celestún mayor accused of real estate fraud

The former PRI mayor of Celestún Leonel Rosado Mena illegally appropriated valuable land of 24,686.

Diver dies due to decompression in Celestún

A fisherman, approximately 30 years old, lost his life due to decompression while he was.

Joint efforts to fight poaching in Celestún

The Celestún Fishing Refuge Zone (ZRP) along with the international group Wild Aid, have joined.

Family’s trip to Celestún ends up in disaster

A family from Halachó who went on a trip to the beach in Celestún on.

Federal government will grant a contract for road studies in Yucatán

Mexico’s Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) plans to award a contract for the.

How much sargassum is expected to arrive in Yucatan this year?

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the federal government revealed that less sargassum.

Festival de la Veda kicks off in Celestún, check out the activities

The Festival de la Veda 2023 was inaugurated this Friday, February 3rd in Celestún, Yucatan..

Ports closed to navigation due to the entrance of Cold Front 27 to Yucatan

Due to the entrance of the Cold Front 27, Civil Protection Yucatan informs of the.

Tourists have an accident on the Kinchil-Celestún highway

(MERIDA, YUC. – SSP).- A married couple had a bad long weekend when they were.


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