Heineken sells its business in Russia for US$1 and shuts down the whole operation in that country

Heineken announced its exit from Russia following the sale of its business in the country.

Anheuser-Busch is selling 8 of its major brands

The beer company is expected to finalize the massive sale by the end of 2023..

Chill and Thrill: The best ways to keep your beer cold while at the beach

There’s nothing quite like sipping a cold, refreshing beer on a sunny day at the.

Beer made with recycled water from your bathroom: Bill Gates’ idea

Bill Gates took a turn in his investments by acquiring a stake in Heineken, one.

This is Femsa’s plan to ‘conquer’ Mexico in 2023

Oxxo and ready-to-go alcoholic beverages are the ‘focus’ of the 1.7 billion US dollar investment.

Beer: the favorite beverage of all Yucatán

The pandemic has been the most difficult season for those who sell wines and liquors.

photo of corona extra bottles on bucket
Michelada or chelada? Find the differences

Every time the waiter arrives you don’t know whether to order a chelada or a.

Oktoberfest will be back after two years of pandemic

The beer is flowing at Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest for the first time since 2019. MUNICH,.

Ever heard of “Dry January”?

Nearly two years into a pandemic, Dry January probably sounds like either a really good.

Querreke organizes the First Yucatecan Craft Beer Festival in Merida

Querreke gastro bar organizes the 1st. Yucatecan Craft Beer Festival – “El Querreke Cervecero”, aiming to.


Classes suspended at UNAM due to bloodsucking bedbug massive attack

The Faculty of Chemistry of the UNAM suspended classes to inspect the campus due to several complaints from students about…

Mexican production “Tótem” a possible nomination for Best International Film at the Academy Awards

"Tótem" by director Lila Avilés will represent Mexico with a possible nomination for the Best International Film category at the…

AMLO recognizes Elon Musk for visiting the border and calling to regulate migration on the U.S. border

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized billionaire Elon Musk on Friday for traveling to the southern border of the United…

Michael Bloomberg, the world’s leading sponsor of climate change activism, declares war on plastics

New York - Michael Bloomberg is many things: a former mayor of New York City, founder of a financial data…

Japanese embassy in Mexico donates rain collectors to the state of Yucatán

The Japanese embassy in Mexico, the government of Yucatan and the International Renewable Resources Institute (IRRI), signed an agreement for…