AIFA increases airport tax: it will be more expensive to fly from that air terminal

Starting next week, AMLO’s controversial Felipe Ángeles International Airport (aka AIFA) will increase the Airport.

AMLO’s government changes conditions for airport group concessions

From one day to the next, the Government changed the concession conditions for private airport.

In AMLO’s final year of government, his flagship projects advance at full speed

With the goal of completing his flagship projects, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador begins his.

Mexican Fashion Designer Barragán presents its new collection at the AIFA

Whether it’s quesadillas, lucha libre, tianguis, or now a fashion runway. The facilities of the.

AIFA will receive 3 times more budget in 2024

The federal government plans to allocate 42,494.5 million pesos to the airports managed by its.

Over 25 billion pesos to be invested in the AIFA train

An investment of 25.8 billion pesos will be made in the construction of the Suburban.

AICM and AIFA closed operations due to Popocatépetl’s volcanic ash

Mexico City. The Mexico City International Airport informed that due to the presence of volcanic.

AIFA: few passengers, high operating costs and losses in the millions

The Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) has registered millionaire losses since its inauguration last year,.

Mexican Congress approves law granting armed forces airspace monitoring duties

On Wednesday, February 22nd, the Mexican Congress approved a law giving the nation’s armed forces.

AMLO accuses supplier of corruption and then hires them at his AIFA airport

In his first year of government, López Obrador exhibited the wasteful spending of Peña Nieto.


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