TYT House of the Week

At The Yucatan Times, we are very pleased to present our brand new Real Estate Section:“TYT House of the Week”

Designed to offer readers accurate, cutting-edge information to help guide their investment decisions by highlighting all of the architectural elements and historical heritage which make this vibrant city so special; the “TYT House of the Week” will present one weekly property, with the support of a hand-selected network of renowned and talented Real Estate brokers, with only one idea in mind: satisfying the lifestyle requirements of a highly select clientele.

The homes featured in our online newspaper will showcase a variety of appealing styles and renovated properties by using visually attractive photographs; allowing us to take a closer look at each and every corner of the house and providing the reader with the option of leaving their comments, questions, or observations.

Modern residential architecture draws on a wide variety of influences and construction styles, and with the TYT House of the Week, you will find all that and more…

 We all know the power of online photographs and slideshows complemented by high-quality editorial content.

Our website reaches thousands of readers within the Yucatan Peninsula as well as the US and Canada. This audience expects to find premium homes in the highly-desired Mérida area, and they are visiting our web portal on a daily basis through computers, tablets, and smartphones.

 So, don’t miss this new section! Who knows? You may find the house of your dreams the next time you peek inside.