Flamingos and the Yucatan Peninsula: A Perfect Pairing

The Yucatan Peninsula, located in southeastern Mexico, is a popular destination for travelers seeking sun,.

MUSA: Exploring Mexico’s Surreal Underwater Museum in Quintana Roo

The Mexican Caribbean is known for its crystal-clear waters, breathtaking coral reefs, and colorful marine.

Tenango de Doria: A cultural gem of Mexico’s Sierra Madre

Tenango de Doria, located in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, is a small town known.

Discovering Yucatan’s Hidden Treasures: Exploring the Ruta Puuc

Yucatan is a land steeped in history and tradition, and there is no better way.

Exploring the enchanting beauty of Campeche

Campeche, a state on the western coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is a hidden gem.

La Danza de los Viejitos in Michoacan, Mexico

La Danza de los Viejitos, also known as The Dance of the Old Men, is.

Top Places to Visit in Merida

Mérida, the capital city of the state of Yucatan, Mexico, is a beautiful and culturally.

Tlaquepaque: Crafts, food, and history in the heart of Jalisco (Watch Video)

Tlaquepaque is a charming town located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It is just.

Magical towns in Quintana Roo among the most visited in Mexico

During the first quarter of the year, Tulum, Bacalar, and Isla Mujeres were among the.

Discovering the Magic of Valladolid

Located in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, Valladolid is a charming colonial town that.


closeup photography of adult short coated tan and white dog sleeping on gray textile at daytime

First hotel for abandoned dogs and cats opens in Mexico City

With the aim of raising awareness about abandoned animals on the streets of Mexico, the first hotel for dogs and…

House raided for a clandestine party where 50 teenagers were detained in Cancun

The FGE secured a property in Supermanzana 523 in the south of the city, the first investigations indicate that this…

FONATUR will deliver 155 homes to Candelaria families relocated due to the Maya Train construction

The Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo (National Fund for Tourism Development) is planning to deliver 155 homes to people…

Yucatecan competitors win 4 gold medals in CONADE nationals

TEPIC, Nay., May 28, 2023.-The Yucatecan sailing team that takes part in the Conade Nationals held in the state of…

From January to April, more than 500 undocumented foreigners were secured in Yucatán

In Yucatán, during the first four months of the year, 532 undocumented foreigners from 22 countries in Africa, Asia, and…