Valladolid is consolidating as one of Yucatán’s most important travel destinations

Valladolid is a beautiful Magic Town in Yucatan, Mexico, which has much to offer travelers.

Yucatecan wonders you must visit this Summer

In recent years, Yucatán has added great tourist attractions to its offer, becoming one of.

Kite Surfing in Mexico 2023

Kite surfing is a thrilling sport that combines surfing, windsurfing and paragliding. It involves riding.

Angsana Spa, inside Hacienda Xcanatun by Angsana

Angsana Spa, a haven of well-being that offers an exclusive range of Asian therapies designed.

Chocantes Caves of Tekax, one of the most beautiful attractions of the magical town

Tekax is one of the municipalities in Yucatan that has received the designation of “Pueblo.

Summer Vacation Police Operation begins in Progreso

As part of the preparations to receive approximately 2 million vacationers expected to visit Progreso.

These are the three New Magic Towns in Yucatán: Espita, Tekax and Motul

Yucatán, a state located in the southeast peninsula of Mexico, is not only famous for.

Police surveillance operation ready for the Summer vacation

The official security operation for the summer vacation period will begin on July 10th, announced.

Sefotur strengthens the Tourism sector of the State

Continuing with the work plan of the State Government to position Yucatan as one of.

Uxmal: A World Heritage Site of the Maya Culture

Uxmal is one of the main archaeological sites of the Maya zone, located in the.


Subject accused of stabbing and robbing a woman in downtown Merida is arrested

September 27th, 2023 - Agents of the State Investigation Police (PEI) of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) arrested today…

10,246 cargo truck robberies have been registered in Mexico during the first half of this year

The central region continues to be the most affected by cargo transportation robbery, with 62% of all robberies occurring in…

While meeting with governors, Lopez Obrador said that a Global Promigrant plan is urgent

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador insisted, during his morning conference at the National Palace, that a global plan is needed…

Each presidential candidate will receive 661 million pesos

Of the 10.4 billion pesos that the political parties with national registration will receive in 2024, 3.3 billion will be…

Medicinal uses of corn in Mexico

Mexican corn is not only a staple food in the country’s diet but also has a long history of medicinal…