“Pueblos Mágicos” certificates awarded in Tekax, and the “Barrio Mágico” designation given to “La Ermita”

The city of Tekax hosted the ceremony to award the “Pueblos Mágicos” (Magical Towns) certificates.

Campeche beaches are clean for visitors

A total of 17 beaches on the Campeche coast are safe for swimming and do.

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Tahmek: When and What Events Will Take Place?

The traditional Hot Air Balloon Festival in the municipality of Tahmek will return before the.

Hoteliers in Yucatan expect an increase in occupancy during the Summer vacations

In June 2023, the hotel movement in Yucatan experienced a slight decline compared to the.

Mobility changes on the Chicxulub Puerto-Progreso road

Since Saturday, July 22nd, there have been changes to vehicular mobility on the road that.

Exploring the enchanting wonders of Puebla, Mexico

Nestled in the heart of Mexico lies a city that exudes charm, history, and architectural.

Meteorite Museum in Progreso celebrates its first anniversary with an economic impact of 20 million pesos

This week, the Meteorite Museum celebrated its first year since its extended opening at the.

Over 25 billion pesos to be invested in the AIFA train

An investment of 25.8 billion pesos will be made in the construction of the Suburban.

white cruise ship
Seven Cruise Ships to arrive in Yucatán during the Summer vacation period

The summer vacation period for 2023 officially begins next Wednesday, July 19th, and a massive.

Summer holidays starting in Progreso

The influx of visitors to the port of Progreso and other beach destinations in the.


Elderly woman loses her life after being run over in Merida’s Polígono 108 Subdivision

Mérida, Yucatan.- Due to being brutally run over, Juanita "N", 79 years old, died in the hospital, after being hit…

Young woman dies in a gym after hitting herself with exercise machine in Peru

A young woman, only 26 years old, died tragically after hitting her head on a machine at the gym she…

Mexican legislators propose reform for a Double Christmas Bonus (Aguinaldo)

At least four initiatives on the increase of the Christmas bonus are still pending review in the Labor and Social…

Pros and cons of electric cars analyzed in Yucatan

Currently there are positive and negative points to consider about electric cars, especially because of the geographical area in which…

Armed group sets fire to over 29 homes in the municipal council of Altamirano, Chiapas

On Friday night, an armed group, allegedly composed of ejido members affiliated with Rogelio Hernández Gómez, committed violence in the…