Ecological police release dolphin that landed in Chicxulub Puerto

An operation in charge of several agencies was necessary this weekend to release the dolphin.

Relocation of Pablo Escobar’s hippos to avoid killing them

(Mexico – AZCARM) – The Association of Zoos, Hatcheries, and Aquariums of Mexico (AZCARM), together.

Dolphin runs aground on the beach of Progreso and local residents report it to environmental authorities

A dolphin of more than two meters in length was found this Friday, March 3rd,.

One hundred and thirty Yucatecans were attacked by snakes in 2022

Snake bites are added to the list of 22 pathologies that set a record incidence.

Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses will be relocated to India and Mexico

Hippopotamuses that inhabit the surroundings of Hacienda Nápoles and that once belonged to drug trafficker.


Looking through my binoculars while enclosed in a warm car and safely tucked in from.

“Feral pigs” threaten to invade the US from Canada and no authority is trying to stop them

An expert has warned of an invasion of giant pigs to the US from Canada. .

More than 50 jellyfish attacks registered in Progreso, Yucatan

The authorities implemented measures on the beach of Progreso, after registering more than 50 jellyfish.

Senior citizen killed by a huge alligator while walking her dog in Florida

An 85-year-old woman was attacked and killed by an alligator on Monday in Florida, the.

4-foot-long alligator pulled from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Lake

An alligator was spotted floating in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Lake in New York City on.


Maya Train will protect wild animals of the Yucatan Peninsula with 545 wildlife crossings

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador highlighted that the Tren Maya project preserves the safety of species in the southeastern part…

Tempting Delight: Maracuyá dessert

Maracuyá, also known as passion fruit, is a tropical fruit renowned for its distinctively tangy and sweet flavor. Bursting with…

Yucatan’s cenotes and mangroves are in danger due to pollution and deforestation

World Environment Day is celebrated under the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution," a situation that the Eastern Coast of the region…

Indulge in pure bliss with a Chocolate Banana Milkshake

There's something undeniably satisfying about the combination of chocolate and bananas. The rich and velvety sweetness of chocolate perfectly complements…

Activists march against animal cruelty in Merida

To commemorate International Animal Rights Day, dozens of activists today held a peaceful demonstration as a symbol of mourning, observing…