BIRDIE BABIES PHOTO ESSAY Enjoy this short photo essay of baby birds with a glimpse.

Man injured in hunting accident in Tetiz, Yucatán

The veteran countrymen used to say that the mountain is sacred, just as it provides,.

New protests against bullfighting in Mérida

“Torture is not art or culture, it is animal abuse”, “Criminal is who mistreats an.

Costa Rica’s Jaguar Rescue Center Leads by Example in Conservation of At-Risk Species

Costa Rica: a country at the forefront of the global conservation movement. Nestled between the.

Best Environmental Tourism of 2022: The Country Where Selfies With Wild Animals Is Illegal

Paving the way for the rest of Latin America to follow suit, Costa Rica holds.

The Yellow Chipe: another reason to preserve the mangroves in the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yellow Chipe has around 43 subspecies, among which Chipe Manglero is present, a kind.

PROFEPA staff secure a baby jaguar at the Mérida Airport

In coordination with the National Guard (GN), the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) seized a.


Thirty-four chicken-sized birds emerge from cattails to engage in a dodge-ball dance in an open,.

Blue tuna stands out in the gastronomy of the Riviera Maya

The restaurants of the Riviera Maya are promoting dishes with national fishing, one of the.

Menos Plástico Mahahual continues with Sea Turtle Protection Program in 2022

Turtle nesting season in Mahahual is about to start and the Menos Plástico team is.


SSP Police vehicle crashes against the front of a house in downtown Merida

The lack of caution of a driver caused a patrol car property of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) to…

Stage collapses during event in Yucatan

During the same bullfighting event in which a bull killed a horse, a spectacular accident occurred when the platform on…

Horse killed by a bull during event in Kiní, Yucatan

The cases of animal cruelty continue in Yucatan, this time it was in Kiní, Motul, where a bull fatally attacked…

UADY seeks Parkinson’s patients as volunteers for free therapy in Yucatan

The University requires 40 people with Parkinson's who want to participate in sessions of physical activities. The UADY conducts a…

Tropical wave approaching the Yucatan Peninsula

Although there is no cyclone alert for our state, there is a potential of 0 to 2 and 20% that…