State government promotes environmental awareness with the release of 100 baby sea turtles in Sisal

Once again, Yucatán has become the perfect natural setting for the preservation of the hawksbill.

Swim with majestic mantas!

Have you ever dreamt of gliding gracefully through the underwater world alongside some of the.

Tourists surprised by crocodile in Yucatan port

Tourists who were on the coast of Yucatan were amazed and alarmed by the presence.

Costa Rica soccer player eaten by crocodile (Watch Video)

Teammates, family and friends gathered in a shocked community in Costa Rica this week to.

Beekeepers aim to turn Valladolid into the ‘World Capital of Honey’

Yesterday morning, the festival known as Valladolid World Capital of Honey kicked off, an event.

Two enormous boas caught in Yucatán; one was about to eat up a turkey

The presence of snakes in municipalities in Yucatán continues due to the rainy season, as.

Large shark caught by fishermen in Yucatan

A little over 25 kilometers from the port of Rio Lagartos, a boat led by.

Sea Turtles at Risk Due to Vehicle Invasion in Chuburná Dunes

With the arrival of summer vacations, there has been an increase in visitors to the.

Hundreds of turtle eggs have been rescued on Yucatán beaches

In Progreso, there has been a notable increase in turtle nestings on various beaches in.

Feral dogs kill three sea turtles in Progreso

Three sea turtles died days ago after being attacked by a group of feral dogs..


Lucha Libre: The Mexican wrestling phenomenon

Lucha Libre is a sporting spectacle that has not only survived the test of time but also carved a lasting…

Mérida has 21 new graduates from the Municipal Dance Center

With an invitation to continue their training and share what they have learned with the new generations, 21 certificates were…

Yucatan State Congress and the Mexican Bar Association sign a collaboration agreement

The Legislative Power of the State of Yucatán signed its 24th agreement with the Mexican Bar Association, establishing the general…

A tomography and X-rays were performed on the alleged non-human beings presented by ufologist Jaime Maussan

Mexican Ufologist Jaime Maussan presented the alleged "extraterrestrial" skeletons before the Mexican Congress, causing a huge controversy. The skeletons, about…

Over 400 businesses in Ciudad del Carmen at risk of being shut down

Around 413 establishments dedicated to the sale of alcohol in Ciudad del Carmen are at risk of being closed, since…