shallow focus photography of adult black and white border collie
5 ways your dog shows you love

Did you know that your best bud shows affection for you in many ways besides.

photography of three dogs looking up
Merida councilwoman insists on animal registration at CEMCA

Authorities are asking for a strategy to control the animals that enter the Centro Municipal.

This is how your cat shows love!

Cats have their own way of expressing their emotions. Some displays of affection are really.

little dog spending time in light studio
“Hanal Peek Xan 2022” is a fundraising pet costume contest that will take place on November 12 in Merida

In order to raise funds for the Cinco Patas A.C. association and to be able.

portrait of pitbull terrier
Pitbulls prevent robbery in Merida business

Through social networks, a man alerted the presence of a lone burglar who allegedly tried.

orange tabby cat beside fawn short coated puppy
Canine and feline sterilization campaign 2022 announced

The Department of Vectors and Zoonosis of the Secretary of Health started on Monday, October.

Dogs in Merida, Yucatan seek to remember deceased dogs with altars and canine exhibition

To promote responsible pet ownership, continue the fight against animal abuse and remember the dogs.

Pixan Peek’ will feature an altar display for beloved pets who have passed away

The activities will take place on Saturday, October 29 in the San Sebastián park, Downtown.

SSY will hold the 2022 National Rabies Vaccination Day in Yucatan

The Yucatan Ministry of Health (SSY) announces the National Rabies Vaccination Day 2022. (TIMES MEDIA.

Another case of animal cruelty in Tizimin, Yucatan

Even though in Yucatan animal abuse is punishable by law, cases continue to be registered.


Mayor Renan Barrera presents the official Merida Carnival program

For the enjoyment of families and visitors to the Municipality, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha presented the complete program of activities…

boy eating a pizza

Yucatan registers a 50% increase in eating disorders

In Yucatán, stress and the increasingly accelerated conditions of life caused during 2022 an increase of close to 50 percent…

Mauricio Vila meets with the Spanish ambassador in Mexico, Juan Duarte Cuadrado

The Yucatan office in Madrid has managed to get more than 15 local firms to export their products to Europe.…

Public transport in Mérida would innovate with the use of electric vehicles

In Yucatan, more than half of the population uses public transport for their mobility, most of the units that provide…

Donald Trump bragged about the day he pressured Lopez Obrador to do as he said

At the start of his campaign for the 2024 elections, in his peculiar way, former U.S. President Donald Trump boasted…