A house in Peto caught fire

A humble dwelling located in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood was completely destroyed by a.

Delivery of queen bees boosts Yucatan’s beekeeping industry

The government of Mauricio Vila Dosal has successfully distributed over 42,000 queen bees of excellent.

Passage found under Izamal’s convent

After examining the mouth of the old well belonging to the San Antonio de Padua.

DIY Cat Toy: How to make a simple and fun toy for your feline friend

Cats love to play, and having toys can keep them entertained for hours. However, store-bought.

FGE leaves pets locked up in houses it secures in Cozumel

Neighbors point out the lack of sensitivity of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) to.

Sac Muyal, a love tale

It all starts with the story of a couple, where one was the joy, known.

Dogs and cats in extreme cruelty conditions rescued in Puebla

In a house in the city of Puebla, a total of eight animals, dogs and.

Arkadas, Turkey’s gift to Mexico

After a vote on social media, the new German Shepherd puppy of the Mexican Armed.

Finding dolphins in the Yucatan Peninsula

Dolphins are one of the most beloved marine animals, known for their intelligence, friendly nature,.

Why the ancient Mayans used psychotropic drugs to connect with the Universe

Among the ancient Maya, the use of hallucinogenic and narcotic drugs was not frowned upon..


Historic record for Mérida Airport in May 2023

The state of Yucatán continues to achieve unprecedented milestones in the tourism sector, as last month marked the best May…

Seven months after the fire, the Teatro Peón Contreras comes back to life with the opening of art galleries

Amidst the restoration work at the José Peón Contreras Theater, two of its galleries, managed by the Ministry of Culture…

Mexico’s peso with a favorable interest rate spread

An expected fall in Mexico's peso will likely be cushioned by its favorable interest rate spread, although there is a…

Volkswagen is building a US$14 billion battery plant for electric vehicles in Canada

Canada scored a major victory earlier this year when German automaker Volkswagen announced that it was building a US$14 billion battery plant…

Businessmen support Mauricio Vila and the mega-works carried out in Yucatán

Speaking about the information given by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal during President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's morning conference, the business…