Chichén Itzá pyramid will reflect the Equinox one day before March 21st

The spring equinox occurs throughout the planet Earth, and it is when the day and.

Pygmy killer whale ends up stranded in Dzilam de Bravo

A pygmy killer whale in very delicate condition was rescued in Dzilam de Bravo, by local.

Mexican Airline sends dog to another destination by mistake

What a bitter experience for Jorge Tuyub, owner of Lucas, when they were supposed to.

Free veterinary services, talks, conferences, and adoption at Mérida Animal Health Fair

If you have pets that require a veterinary check-up or would like to adopt and.

Man is attacked by a “Tolok” in Campeche

Large iguana bites a man who was collecting scrap metal and causes him to bleed.

‘Guao’ Turtle is considered dangerous due to its powerful mouth

The three-keeled turtle or ‘Guao’ is considered dangerous, since with its large mouth it can.

Activist José Baldenegro, a defender of the forest, is murdered in Chihuahua

José Trinidad Baldenegro, a well-known environmentalist, was murdered in the community of Coloradas de la.

Police officer rescues a cat from a 7-meter-high tree in Kanasín

Agents of the Kanasín Municipal Police responded to a call for support this Friday afternoon.

Sembrando Vida program full of deficiencies and irregularities

Farmers who are beneficiaries of the federal program “Sembrando Vida” in Yucatán point out that.

Yucatan aspires to produce its own energy

Ernesto Herrera Novelo, secretary of Economic Development and Labor, assured that Mérida will have a.


Kanasín police officers prevent a man from committing suicide on a Periférico bridge

A man climbed the bridge located at the entrance to the municipality of Kanasín with the purpose of jumping to…

Alvaro Leyva, a negotiator between the Marxist FARC rebels and the Colombian government announced as new cabinet member

Colombia's leftist president-elect Gustavo Petro named long-time politician and peace envoy Alvaro Leyva as the first member of his future…

Rudy Giuliani is assaulted by a grocery store employee In Staten Island

Controversial former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was assaulted by a ShopRite worker Sunday while campaigning for his son’s…

Yucatan’s Ie-Tram transport system will be the only one of its kind in all of Latin America

Mexico’s Yucatán governor Mauricio Vila has set in motion a plan to build a more than 100km electric bus corridor…

Gay Pride Parade: Hundreds of thousands march in Mexico City

Authorities were expecting as many as 300,000 people to take part Saturday in the 44th edition of Mexico City’s LGBT+…