Bird and bat droppings dull the beauty of the Pikitbeh Cenote at the Mérida Airport

The construction of the perimeter fence at the Mérida International Airport prevents strangers from entering.

This is how deforestation in Merida looks from space

Specialists from the Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán (CICY) developed a map of the.

Outsider street vendors leave a ‘mess’ in the streets of Escarcega, Campeche

Escárcega, Campeche.- Local vendor Yanuario Sánchez Méndez and the resident of the Centro neighborhood Fermín.

Mérida City Council launches call to create a waste container

The Mérida City Council , through the Sustainable Development Unit, presented the Contest: “Design of the Waste.

Yucatán, a pioneer in sustainability and waste management in Mexico

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal inaugurated the infrastructure and equipment of the Metropolitan System for Waste.

Revolutionizing fashion and sustainability

Sustainable fashion and scientific efforts are working together to benefit the environment. For instance, a.

Residents of Conkal join forces to reforest the area

A citizen initiative to make a small contribution against drought, high temperatures, and excessive concrete.

Ocean Forum: Climate change, an urgent topic to address

Given the rise in sea temperatures and coral bleaching in the Caribbean, these will be.

Japan initiates release of water from Fukushima nuclear plant

Engineers at the troubled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan began the release of treated.

Merida is selected as one of the most sustainable and resilient cities in the world

The “Cities in Motion” program selected Merida as one of the 24 cities to participate.


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