Yucatan with good tourism numbers.

The city of Merida maintains excellent levels of tourism, almost as good as before the.

Heat returns to Yucatan

After the fresh Christmas days in Yucatan, a warm period is forecast to last until.

As of this week, booster dose in 24 municipalities of Yucatan.

Although we have returned to economic reactivation, the Covid pandemic is not over. That is.

Goodbye cool weather, back to the heat we go

(MÉRIDA, Yucatan – Clima Yucatan) – After a brief drop in temperatures in Yucatan, temperatures.

Christmas in Yucatan with a significant increase in Covid-19 infections

There were 38 new infections in the entity. (Merida Yucatan – SSY) In the medical.

Another Florida-based cruise ship has an outbreak. State cases hit record.

(MIAMI FLA – AP) — A COVID-19 outbreak took place on a South Florida-based cruise.

Christmas with ‘heladez’ in Yucatan

Lows of up to 8 degrees are expected in some areas of Yucatan. (MERIDA Yucatan.

The government will suspend services on December 25 and January 1 in Yucatán.

Parque Zoológico Centenario will open on Saturday, January 1, and remain closed on Saturday, December.

A meteor shower will illuminate the sky tonight.

During the nightfall of this December 22, the sky will give us an unparalleled spectacle.

Winter solstice begins today.

Before the end of 2021, we will experience the longest night and the shortest day.


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