Sixty-year-old man reported missing found inside a cenote in Espita, Yucatan

A senior citizen was left inside a cenote in the Yokdzonot community of Espita for.

The 2023-2024 school year begins amid challenges in Mexico

In addition to the uncertainty regarding the use of new textbooks, around 25 million students.

Dog causes pregnant woman to end up hospitalized in Ticul, Yucatán

A pregnant woman was injured after falling from a mototaxi that overturned after hitting a.

Tropical storm “Idalia” forms in the Atlantic

The State Civil Protection Unit reported that tropical depression number 10 has developed into Tropical.

Man sentenced to 30 years in Yucatan for raping his own daughter

As terrible as it sounds, often, sexual predators are found within homes. This is the.

Valladolid hotel owners outline plan to attract more visitors

The Association of Hotels and Hostels of Valladolid has already prepared an agenda of activities.

earth planet
Warning of possible formation of Tropical Cyclone for the Yucatan Peninsula

In their daily report, Juan Vázquez, the meteorologist from the Autonomous University of Yucatán, issued.

Softball game ends in a brawl in Hunucmá, Yucatán

What appeared to be just another game in the women’s softball league of this municipality,.

Chichén Itzá achieves record visitor numbers in July, reports CULTUR

The director of the Cultural Patronage, Mauricio Díaz Montalvo, confirmed that there was a record.

Tropical Storm Franklin is churning in the Atlantic and other systems are active in the Gulf of Mexico

While Tropical Storm Franklin remains churning in the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center is tracking.


Environmentalists raise awareness about the importance of bats with a festival

To raise awareness in society about the importance of bats in nature and people's lives, and promote respect for the…

Red Cross provides humanitarian aid for the first time to migrants at Mexico’s northern border

For the first time, the International Red Cross took action in response to the migration crisis in Mexico, providing food…

Inflation in Mexico continues to decelerate in first half of September

Mexico's headline inflation eased in the first half of September, official data showed on Friday, slightly below market expectations and…

Yucatán government evaluates 61 projects for the rescue of Popular Culture in the region

In 2023, the Program for Support of Municipal and Community Cultures (Pacmyc) in Yucatán received 61 proposals, mostly from the…

Launch of iPhone 15 causes a stir around the world

In China, hundreds (or even thousands) of people lined up to buy the new iPhone 15, despite the restrictions that…