National Queso de Bola and Panucho Festival in Yucatán

On April 1st and 2nd, the National Queso de Bola and Panucho Festival will take.

U.S. citizen shot in the leg by armed men in Puerto Morelos

A U.S. tourist was shot in the leg by unidentified assailants at a resort town.

Ice Cream Festival in Merida: Find out when and where it will be held

Gastronomic activities continue to arrive in Yucatán, as in the coming weeks the Ice Cream.

Mexican Embassy in Germany returns 40 pre-Hispanic artifacts to Mexico

An Olmec style head showing the face of a personage with a grim expression, with.

Senior citizens’ property demolished due to IE-TRAM public transportation route construction works

Mr. Tomas and his wife Margarita ended up accepting the “destiny” of the property that.

IE-TRAM in Merida: Five things you did not know about this new transportation system

In mid 2022, the government of Yucatán announced a new 100% electric transportation system, the.

These are the damages caused by Kekén’s farms to the cenotes of Yucatán

Following the problem in the State due to the contamination caused by pig farms, the.

Researchers are looking to implement the use of sargassum in chemicals, blocks and cell phone batteries

The Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav) is working.

Paraíso Sisal: Damage from the Campos Agüero Real Estate company may be irreversible, they left the community unprotected

The voracity with which the Campos Agüero real estate company in Sisal has acted, which.

Environmentalists protest against damages caused by the Maya Train Project across the Yucatán Peninsula

CANCUN – A group of environmentalists organized this Saturday a human chain in the municipality.


AMLO says the investigations will determine if there should be resignations at INM

MEXICO CITY. March 30, 2023.- The President of the Republic Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that until the results of…

Why A Large Business Should Take The Services Of Fire Watch Guards?

A large business needs smooth operating processes to stay successful. Everything from the workforce to equipment must be efficiently accounted…

16 images of ‘Santa Muerte’ are found buried in the ground in Maxcanú

Maxcanu, Yucatan; March 6, 2023 .- The paranormal investigator, Jorge Moreno, went yesterday to the Kanachén mountains, Maxcanú police station,…

Renán Barrera adds efforts in favor of the most vulnerable groups in Yucatán

As a responsible authority with a human face, it is necessary to join efforts and resources between institutions and governments…

Honoring Tradition in the Yucatan: Remembering the Past Through Ceremony

Centuries After the Conquest, Mayan Families Across Southern Mexico Continue to Resist the Loss of Their Culture Four men surround…