Yucatan already has a vaccination logistics plan

“Yucatán already has vaccination logistics plan, ready to be carried out as soon as the.

Don Ariel turns 100 with great health in times of pandemic

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (January 6, 2021).- People do not turn 100 years old every day, much.

Happy 479 birthday Merida!!!

Merida was founded on January 6, 1542, by Francisco de Montejo y Leon, El Mozo,.

German Expat commits suicide in Mérida

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (January 5, 2021).- A man of approximately 65 years of age of German.

Mérida is ready to celebrate its 479th anniversary!

Mérida, Yucatan (January 5, 2021). Mérida is ready to celebrate 479 years of history and.

Activists hope to reach an agreement with the Mérida City Council on the municipal kennel

Mérida, Yucatan.- Activists say they have a meeting pending with local authorities to continue with.

30% off on property tax payment during January

The payment of the property tax is an obligation that must be made every year.

Issste Mérida doctors among the first to receive the vaccine in Yucatán

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN, January 4, 2021.- The doctors and nurses of the Hospital Regional Mérida del.

Merida businessmen see a difficult panorama for 2021

The restrictions that still exist affect many businesses that are not considered “essential”. The situation.

Two passengers were taken to the hospital as soon as they landed in Merida

A passenger who arrived at the Mérida Airport from Mexico City had to be taken.


FDA issues alert about methanol-contaminated hand sanitizer imported from Mexico

U.S. regulators are warning that hand sanitizer imported from Mexico could be tainted with dangerous chemicals or not work effectively.…

Oxygen demand has led to crime in Mexico amidst pandemic

MEXICO CITY — Mexico continued to post near-record rates of coronavirus deaths Tuesday, and the huge demand for oxygen canisters…

President Biden signs record number of executive orders

Over the past week, a growing number of Republicans began sounding the alarm about the number and content of executive…

U.S. issues terror alert over anti-government extremists

The US Department of Homeland Security declared a nationwide terrorism alert Wednesday, citing the potential threat from domestic anti-government extremists…

Hyatt to offer free COVID-19 testing at resorts in Mexico

As a new U.S. requirement goes into effect for travelers on international flights to present a negative COVID-19 test before boarding their…