Ciudad del Carmen: 14 new cases of tuberculosis registered so far in 2023

Up to epidemiological week number 11, a total of 14 cases of respiratory tuberculosis infection.

Environmentalists protest against damages caused by the Maya Train Project across the Yucatán Peninsula

CANCUN – A group of environmentalists organized this Saturday a human chain in the municipality.

Campeche governor Layda Sansores presents the Mayan Train Official song during AMLO’s “Mañanera”

The governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, presented a song that says that the Mayan Train.

Temporary closure of the Merida-Campeche highway due to the operation of section 3 of the Mayan Train.

Sunday, March 26, before noon, the company in charge of the works of section 3.

Activists insist that the Maya Train Project is a threat to the underground water system of the Yucatan Peninsula

The fresh water supply of the subway rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula is at risk.

Campeche will advertise municipalities along the Maya Train route in Tianguis Turístico

To finish the Maya Train in November, the head of the Campeche Ministry of Tourism,.

These are the Pueblos Mágicos of Yucatán on the Tren Maya’s route

Through its 1,554 kilometers route, the Mayan Train will connect the states of Yucatan, Quintana.

Forest fire consumes 30 hectares of forest in Yucatán

The National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) informed that the first forest fire was registered in the.

Cases of hypertension increase in Campeche, 97 registered in only three days

In just three days, 97 cases of hypertension and 78 of diabetes mellitus were detected,.

Hoteliers and restaurateurs in Calakmul foresee an unfair competition due to the Tren Maya Hotel

After confirming the construction of the Tren Maya Hotel in Calakmul, hotel, restaurant and service.


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