Ship with cargo for the Tren Maya that arrived in Progreso ‘vanishes’ mysteriously

An unusual report has emerged in Progreso, as the whereabouts of the ship ‘Gazibey’ are.

Julián Zacarías ranks among the best-rated mayors in the country

Julián Zacarías, the mayor of Progreso, ranks 41st in the national ranking of the best-evaluated.

Progreso City Council carries out intense campaign of canine and feline sterilization

With the purpose of promoting animal welfare and offering alternatives accessible to all pet owners,.

Trash ‘floods’ the wetlands in Río Lagartos that are used as clandestine dumps

Trash is one of the serious problems affecting the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, as irresponsible.

The Mayor of Progreso receives an invitation from Paris, France

The Mayor of Progreso, Julian Zacaría Curi, received the appointment as Ambassador of the World.

Strange discovery in Progreso: empty sailboat found adrift

A strange discovery was made in Progreso when an unmanned sailboat was found adrift at.

Yucatán Congress ‘Pauses’ Loan to Finance the Expansion of the Progreso High Port

The members of the Budget, State and Municipal Heritage Commission, chaired by Deputy Jesús Pérez.

Santa Claus arrives in Mérida (in May?)… He will visit Las Coloradas

Santa Claus, also known as Papá Noel, has arrived in Mérida to vacation in Las.

Students from the Oxkutzcab Multiple Attention Center visit the Inclusive Beach at the Progreso Boardwalk

With the aim of continuing to promote inclusive actions, the Progreso City Council, led by.

Progreso receives donation of wheelchairs and bicycles

Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi welcomed the executive director of Rally Maya Mexico, Benjamín de la.


Yucatan could become “a new border” with the U.S.: Mauricio Vila

At the National Palace, Mauricio Vila, governor of Yucatán, pointed out that Yucatán has the capacity to become a new…

Drunk driver falls asleep and crashes into a post in Campeche

State agents secured a man in a complete state of drunkenness after falling asleep while driving his compact car in…

Open call for INE Yucatan board members

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, June 6, 2023.- The National Electoral Institute (INE) issued the call for citizens interested in filling a vacancy…

Birds prevent Volaris flight from landing at Merida Airport

Birds on the runway at Merida International Airport forced the crew of Volaris flight 5196 to circle before landing. The…

Urban Expansion “Devours” Mangrove Area in the Eastern Coastal Beaches of Yucatan

The mangroves in the ports of San Felipe, Río Lagartos, Las Coloradas, and El Cuyo are the most affected areas…