The Twenty-peso bill will be replaced with a coin

The 20-peso bill, considered the most beautiful in Latin America in 2021, will officially be.

Opening statements are set to begin on Monday, January 23 in the U.S. trial of Genaro Garcia Luna

Opening statements are set to begin on Monday in the U.S. trial of a former.

UNAM Rector determines sanction for Minister Esquivel after plagiarism scandal

The Rector of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Enrique Graue, announced that he.

Pumas suspend Brazilian soccer star Dani Alves after alleged sexual assault

Dani Alves is no longer a Pumas player following the sexual assault accusation that has.

Transgender Morena representative Clemente causes another incident (Watch Video)

A new controversy surrounds the representative of Morena, María Clemente García, who is now in.

AMLO wants to move cargo from the longstanding CDMX hub to the new AIFA airport

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador defended his plan to move all cargo flights from.

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If you receive a call with a number beginning with +811, do not answer or return the call

Cybercriminals have found a new way to scam people. For this reason, security experts warn.

Yasmín Esquivel case: impeachment proceedings requested against the minister for plagiarism

UNAM fired the thesis advisor who nine months ago had received the award for “best.

El Chapo asks AMLO to bring him back to Mexico, he claims to suffer from psychological torture in the U.S.

Due to degrading treatment and psychological torture in a U.S. prison where he has not.

Garcia Luna could be sentenced to life imprisonment

The former Mexican Public Security Secretary is accused in the US, among other charges, of.


Yucatan urban solid waste will be exported to Europe for fuel production

With a financial ceiling of 3,500 million pesos, the German company Alengo Latam is merging with the Yucatan company Ciclo…

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Influencers in Mexico: a sector worth $15 million US dollars a year

We see them everywhere: promoting a product or service, hosting an awards gala, appearing in a movie, parading on red…

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Cosmopolitan cocktail (a popular drink among women)

Quick and easy to identify by its pink color, the cosmopolitan is a stylish concoction served in a martini glass.…

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Man attacks woman with acid and is arrested for attempted femicide in Cancun

A man was arrested in Paseos del Mar in Cancun, Quintana Roo, after he was accused of throwing muriatic acid…

Tho’ Park in Merida, without Environmental Impact Studies: Sustainable Development Unit

The controversial Tho' Park project does not yet have an Environmental Impact Assessment (MIA), which will be done once the…