Star detected while swallowing a planet

For the first time, astronomers have detected the moment when a star, already without fuel,.

Why has the Canadian government raised their anger at YouTube, TikTok and influencers?

After many twists and turns, and more than two and a half years of review,.

Cuba celebrates International Tourism Fair 2023

In order to detonate tourism in Cuba, the XLI edition of the International Tourism Fair.

The writers’ strike that is paralyzing Hollywood and could delay the release of your favorite series or program

The strike of film and television writers in the United States has put the entertainment.

Another Mysterious Balloon Flying Over American Soil

The U.S. military is currently tracking a balloon that was recently spotted over parts of.

Indian elephant that killed 7 relocated to tiger reserve

A wild elephant who sparked a massive debate and a legal battle in the southern.

On Labor Day, protesters clash with police in France

Protesters clashed with security forces across France on Monday, May 1st, as hundreds of thousands.

New COVID-19 variant spreading across the globe bringing with a new symptom

There’s a new COVID-19 variant spreading across the globe bringing with a new symptom. The.

U.S. trade consultations on Mexico’s GMO corn rule are “unacceptable”

Trade consultations requested by the United States on Mexico’s plan to limit the use of.

Thousands protest in France against the government’s immigration plans

Thousands of people, including many undocumented migrants, marched in Paris and other French cities Saturday,.


How Do Mexico’s Gambling Laws Compare with the Rest of North America?

Gambling has been a longstanding practice across North America, but while many countries have relaxed regulations in recent years, Mexico’s…

3 ways to stay safe when booking sports tickets

There's no denying we live in a country that adores sport. From the professional stars of the NFL to the…

The forest fire season in Yucatán ends with three thousand hectares affected

With 2,000 fire-related incidents, the fire season has come to a close, reported Enrique Alcocer Basto, director of Civil Protection…

Fishermen from Chabihau abandon marine activity due to scarcity of scaled species

The fishing guild is increasingly leaving aside marine activity due to the great scarcity of scaled fish. They claim that…

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2023 hurricane season officially began in the Atlantic Ocean

It is forecast that this hurricane season will have at least 12 storms, of which between 5 and 9 will…