Mexico rejoins G77+China multilateral forum

Mexico wants to join the group’s efforts to address challenges such as climate change and.

5,200 Mexicans living abroad fall into homelessness

So far this year, around the world, 5,200 Mexicans have fallen into homelessness, meaning they.

Ukraine complains about the presence of Russians in Mexico’s Civic-Military Independence Parade

Oksana Dramaretska, Ukraine’s ambassador to Mexico, criticized Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Saturday.

Salma Hayek exudes glamour in a fitted red dress

Actress Salma Hayek dazzled her Instagram followers by showcasing her impressive figure in a form-fitting.

‘Pocho’, was a 445 kg crocodile and “pet” of a fisherman in Costa Rica

A tender story of friendship happened in Costa Rica and quickly went around the world..

Fernando Botero’s hometown of Medellín decrees a 7-day mourning

Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, one of the most important Latin American artists of.

Mexico regains Category 1 aviation safety status; the country remained in Category 2 for 28 months

After 28 months, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) returned the Federal Civil Aviation Agency.

The United Auto Workers union launched simultaneous strikes at GM, Ford and Stellantis

The prospect of an autoworkers strike could test Joe Biden’s treasured assertion that he’s the most pro-union.

Colombian painter Fernando Botero dies at the age of 91

The artist, born in 1932 in the Central Colombian city of Medellin, was still painting.

Quintana Roo and the Netherlands Unite Efforts to Protect the Environment

Mexico City – With the objective of collaborating on environmental issues, the government headed by.


Section 5 of the Mayan Train: Between Damage to underground caves and doubts about Structural Stability

Oppenheimer Cave takes its name from the speleologist who discovered it. He earned the nickname because of his resemblance to…

crime scene do not cross sign

Woman stabbed in Mérida’s Parque de las Américas

A woman is injured multiple times with a knife for resisting a robbery in Parque de las Américas. The terrible…

15 thousand frauds are registered daily in Mexico, warns the Senate

A study by the Belisario Dominguez Institute of the Senate of the Republic warned that 15 thousand frauds and 13…

Does Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín want to run for governor as Morena’s candidate?

The version that all-time PRI Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín would be the virtual candidate for Governor of Yucatán for…

Two upcoming long weekends before the end of 2023

November features two long weekends for students and workers that will allow a total of four days of rest throughout…