HRAEPY, signs statement on zero tolerance for sexual harassment and bullying

To guarantee the right of women to live in an environment of peace, equality and.

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For an extended period, the secret to losing body fat while preserving muscle mass has.

Health fair provides comprehensive health care to residents of Chalmuch

To look after the health and well-being of the families of the community of Chalmuch,.

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When it comes to fat burning, women face a unique set of challenges. That is.

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The best personal care services 24/7

Personal care services in Brooklyn, NY Due to the advances in pharmaceuticals and medicine, human.

Mexico with great expectations for the growth of the Medical Tourism industry in 2023

Before the massive vaccination campaigns began in our country, many Mexicans traveled to the United.

Top 5 Online Therapy Platforms 2022

Finding the right online therapist can be a challenging task. Check out our list of.


“Planet Youth” program reaches dozens of high schools in Yucatán

Through the “Juventudes Yucatán, Planet Youth” Program , significant progress has been made in the prevention of harmful practices, such as alcohol…

Negotiations advance for a new industrial park in Yucatán

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal continues his tireless work to attract investments to Yucatán, seeking to generate more jobs and improve…

Merida restaurants expect good sales during December

The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (Canirac), Yucatan delegation, anticipates a notable increase in its sales during the Christmas and…

Mérida’s “En Bici” will be replicated in five Mexican cities

Other Mexican cities seek to expand the program due to its good results. The “En Bici” program, promoted by the Mérida…

Ticket sales for the Maya Train to begin next Friday, December 1st

As of December 15th, the Maya Trian operations will begin, with the route that runs from Campeche to Cancún. On…