Mexico with great expectations for the growth of the Medical Tourism industry in 2023

Before the massive vaccination campaigns began in our country, many Mexicans traveled to the United.

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composition of cosmetic bottle with pink rose petals and wooden plate
Essential Oils, here are their benefits!

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Micro-entrepreneurs celebrate the elimination of the use of face masks

The president of the Merida Small Chamber of Commerce, Jorge Cardeña Licona, recognized the work.

Traditional Mayan medicine is being revalued at the state level

If you are interested in traditional Mayan medicine or the medicinal plants of Yucatan, at.

Once again, the O’Horán hospital is recognized as the best hospital in Southeast Mexico

In a ranking made by the statistics web portal Statista, in collaboration with Newsweek magazine,.


Increasing numbers of children and adolescents from Yucatán are attempting to cross the Río Bravo

According to the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), the number of Yucatecan children and adolescents attempting to cross the border…

New Board of Directors of CONACO Merida is inaugurated

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, March 23rd, 2023.- With a strong speech in which he made several requests to the different orders of…

“Fed up citizens” ask to unfreeze the new Yucatan Water Law

The representative of the group "Ciudadanos Hartos", Humberto Reyes Montiel, called on the Yucatan congressmen to put on the table…

Fire at a Coppel store in Cancun leaves one injured

Firefighters and Civil Protection personnel from Cancun are working to extinguish the fire in a Coppel store. A Coppel store…

UADY´s “Reading League” arrives in Baca, Yucatan

Merida, Yucatan, March 23rd, 2023.- The Reading League route, promoted by the Faculty of Education of the Autonomous University of…