Every day 22 Mexicans die from lung cancer; cases detected in people 35 years of age

Every day 22 Mexicans die as a result of lung cancer because 98% of cases.

Successful double kidney transplant performed at IMSS Clinic in Yucatan

They waited more than seven years for a kidney transplant and the donation was finally.

Suicide Prevention Law Roundtable “For the love of life” was held in Yucatán

With the aim of providing opinions that help find the best way to prevent suicide,.

Four Proven Ways to Lower Stress

Stress is real – don’t let anyone tell you any different. Toxic positivity is the.

Your siesta—balancing gravity in your brain

Letters to the editor Mexico officially outlawed the Siesta on 1st June 1944, by Presidential.

Scientists say microplastics have been found in human blood for the first time

Researchers in the Netherlands have detected microplastics for the first time in human blood. In.

Yucatecan expert says it is essential to continue using the facemask

Dr. Maria Elena González Alvarez, president of the Yucatan College of Physicians, announced her position.

On World Tuberculosis Day, A Reminder Of A Disease Which Never Left Us

As Covid has drawn the attention of the masses, it has blinded the world to.

Strong hands can extend your life expectancy

The single most effective set of muscles you can work to extend your life is.

Is the new Covid wave in Europe coming to the U.S. and the rest of the Americas too?

While many Americans have decided the pandemic is “over” as it pertains to their own.


“From Seoul to Mérida” an exhibition featuring the best of two regions

From South Korea, through the Panama Canal, Colombia, Veracruz, and Progreso, works of art by 45 Korean artists arrived at…

US drilling plans may exclude all waters beyond Gulf of Mexico

The U.S. Interior Department has recommended to the White House that all federal offshore oil and gas drilling auctions over…

Google’s Woolaroo will translate Maya and other indigenous languages

In order to help preserve and promote the different cultures and languages of the world, Google announced that it will…

Yucatan Human Rights Commission invites people over 60 to participate in a writing contest

The Human Rights Commission of the State of Yucatan announced its official invitation to the 3rd. Contest of Stories and…

US Supreme Court says the Biden administration can put an end to the ‘Remain In Mexico’ immigration policy

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the Biden Administration has the authority to end the controversial Trump-era immigration policy known…