Elderly people and medical personnel in Yucatán will receive a fourth dose of the vaccine

Through social networks, it was announced that the fourth vaccine for grandparents and medical personnel.

Two cases of HIV are diagnosed every 24 hours in Quintana Roo

Two cases of HIV are diagnosed, every 24 hours, in Quintana Roo. Until week 14.

Yucatecan Congress to enrich the Suicide Prevention Law initiative

The deputies who are members of the Permanent Commission of Health and Social Security, agreed.

SSY reports 21 new infections of Covid in Yucatan in the last 24 hours

An expanded vaccination day will be implemented in Health Centers of 30 municipalities across the.

Chagas: a dangerous disease always present in the Yucatan

Urbanization and high temperatures cause kissing bugs also called Pic to migrate to urban areas,.

IMSS nurseries in Yucatan are operating at 100% capacity again

Until last February, there is a record of 3,668 girls and boys registered, according to.

Journalist investigation suggests that the IMSS let 134 million medicines expire

Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, on his program Latinus, announced that the Mexican Institute of.

On Sunday, April 10th, absolutely not one single new case of Covid was reported in Yucatán

Starting tomorrow, Monday the 11th and until April 16, a new vaccination phase will begin.

Young Meridanos are ready for the booster shot against COVID-19

In a survey carried out by local news webiste “Yucatanalamano” on young people over 18.

Luz María traveled from Chicago to Guadalajara to get a “liposuction” and ended up dead

Luz María Carrasco was 47 years old, originally from Chicago, United States. A few days.


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Alejandro Mayorkas says the number of people arriving at the Mexico-US border is extraordinarily high

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The Mysterious Case of Tamam Shud (Watch Video)

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Merida is positioning as a World-Class tourist destination

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