The State Government supports the women of Yucatán

The women of Yucatán are a priority for the government headed by Governor Mauricio Vila.

Mérida hosts the FISU America games

With the presence of 370 educational institutions from 11 countries and almost 1,200 athletes, the.

crime scene do not cross signage
The cause of death of a woman treated in Kanasín clandestine clinic revealed

Last Monday night, October 10, police officers dismantled a presumed clandestine clinic in Kanasín where.

“Taco Árabe” stand in North Mérida shut down by Health authorities due to suspected salmonella cases

After 14 cases of salmonella were reported, the Yucatán Secretary of Health (SSY) closed a.

view of river and mangrove from a rowboat
Yucatán has lost 30% of its mangrove zones

According to Jorge Alfredo Herrera Silveira, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the Center for Research.

Dredging works at Celestun port concluded

Men and women who work in fishing have better safety and working conditions, after concluding.

Preparations for “El Buen Fin begin, and businesses are already planning their specials

The event will take place from November 18 to 21. (Novedades) The 2022 edition of.

Another fatal accident on Merida’s Periférico

An elderly man died after being run over on the Mérida ring road, near the.

Mauricio Vila inaugurates the twentieth edition of the Yucatán Housing Expo

Vila Dosal and the president of Canadevi, Sergei López Cantón, cut the ribbon of this.

Man accused of stealing pets and bicycles detained by police in Kanasín

Police officers from the Kanasín municipal police arrested José Rubén M.V., 30 years old, on.


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Mauricio Vila supervises Public Veterinary Hospital construction works

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