Meet Wally, the emotional support alligator from Philadelphia

You’ve probably heard about some unusual emotional support animals including a peacock and a squirrel. But what about an alligator?.

Forbes calls “Rosas & Xocolate” a dreamy pink mansion

Check out this Dreamy Pink Mansion In The Heart Of The White City. Ever since.

Jared Kushner says he might one day become immortal

Jared Kushner says he’s keeping trim because he believes there’s a chance he’ll live forever..

Bacalar means “place where the sky is born”

Bacalar is Mexico’s Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) and a place not very crowded with tourists..

Mérida is the perfect destination for a summer vacation (Watch Video)

Merida, Mexico takes the top spot on the list because it’s the safest city in.

IHOP to open in Cancun

With the increase in economic activity in Cancun, hundreds of national and international establishments have.

Tobacco companies plan to decrease nicotine in cigarettes to non-addictive levels

At some point in the next few years, the 30 million smokers in the United.

Amazing Flying Car Could Hit the Market in Weeks After Getting FAA Approval

A Ferrari-red flying car is could soon become every commuter’s dream come true: It would.

Guayabera Fair: July 22 to August 7 in Tekit, Yucatan

To increase national and international networking, the mayor of Tekit, Felipe Medina Collí, together with.

You’re still on time to get cheap Cancun flights in late summer

Conventional wisdom would suggest that we’re approaching the point where it’s a little late to get.


TSA reports 2,56 million air travelers in one single day

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said it screened 2.56 million air passengers on Sunday, the highest number since December…

Pirates arrested in Progreso after assaulting a fisherman

A pair of "pirates" were arrested after assaulting a fisherman in the port of Progreso. According to what was announced…

López Obrador watched the Mexico game with Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador bragged that he watched the match between the Mexican and Argentine national teams accompanied by…

Another fatal accident on Merida’s Periférico

Once again Merida's Periférico became the scene of a fatal incident, after a person was run over on Saturday night…

Progreso beachgoers take TV screen to the beach to watch Mexico’s World Cup game

Once again, some people stopped their activities to watch Mexico's second game, as in the case of the Progreso beachgoers,…