November star shower: will it be visible in Yucatan?

Good news for all those star gazers out there! An opposition of Jupiter that will.

In Detroit, the night before Halloween is called “Devil’s Night”

Halloween, celebrated annually on Oct. 31, is a festive time in Detroit, Michigan, across America,.

This is Clase Azul Tequila Día de Muertos Limited Edition Aromas

Aromas, an edition that will consist of 3,500 decanters, pays tribute to the unforgettable aromas.

Festival de las Ofrendas takes on the Historic Center of Mexico City

Festival de Ofrendas, a one-of-a-kind event in CDMX OCTOBER 2023 With the purpose of preserving.

The long-awaited “Festival de las Ánimas” has finally started in Mérida

On Tuesday, October 24, the long awaited Festival de las Ánimas finally started in Mérida,.

Everything is ready for the “Walk of the Souls” in Merida

You still don’t know which destination you will visit for the Day of the Dead,.

Did you know that Kanasin has a whole Hanal Pixan celebration of its own?

Everything is ready for the “Hanal Pixán 2023” festival to be held in Kanasín from.

The sweet legend of Ladurée comes to Mexico

A legend that seduced several generations of gourmands from the shop windows on the Champs.

American actress Meryl Streep received Spain’s prestigious Princess of Asturias Arts Award

Spain’s royal family have presided over the presentation of this year’s Princess of Asturias awards.

Thinking about a cruise in the Caribbean?

Are you looking for your next great cruise destination? Have you done the Caribbean and.


Lower House of Congress endorses AMLO’s reform commission to terminate news agency Notimex

AMLO's political party Morena will create government news agency of its own. The Government Commission in the Chamber of Deputies…

“Planet Youth” program reaches dozens of high schools in Yucatán

Through the “Juventudes Yucatán, Planet Youth” Program , significant progress has been made in the prevention of harmful practices, such as alcohol…

Negotiations advance for a new industrial park in Yucatán

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal continues his tireless work to attract investments to Yucatán, seeking to generate more jobs and improve…

Merida restaurants expect good sales during December

The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (Canirac), Yucatan delegation, anticipates a notable increase in its sales during the Christmas and…

Mérida’s “En Bici” will be replicated in five Mexican cities

Other Mexican cities seek to expand the program due to its good results. The “En Bici” program, promoted by the Mérida…