Plaza De Toros in Cancun totally sold out to see Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba´s concert in Cancun was lived among dances, applause and cheers, where thousands of.

Salma Hayek exudes glamour in a fitted red dress

Actress Salma Hayek dazzled her Instagram followers by showcasing her impressive figure in a form-fitting.

What to do for your dog’s birthday? You have different options

Pets have become an indispensable part of humanity, with species like rabbits, ferrets, fish, or.

Navigating Responsible Gambling in the Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula is widely regarded as one of the best places in the world.

Davis Cup: Mexico will face China at the Club Campestre de Yucatan

13/09/2023 | Mérida, Yucatán.- Confident of winning this weekend, but respecting their opponents, said Leo.

British icon Ozzy Osbourne to undergo surgery for the fourth time at 74

Ozzy Osbourne has offered an update on his health after undergoing extensive spinal surgery and other.

The best outfits to look elegant and original at the dinner party on September 15

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Highlights from New York Fashion Week 2023

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Mexican airline Vivaerobus renders tribute to Juan Gabriel

Alberto Aguilera Valadez, known professionally as Juan Gabriel, was a Mexican singer, songwriter, and actor..

90 years of Lucha Libre to be celebrated in Mexico

On September 21st, 90 years will have passed since wrestling arrived in Mexico from the.


crime scene do not cross sign

Woman stabbed in Mérida’s Parque de las Américas

A woman is injured multiple times with a knife for resisting a robbery in Parque de las Américas. The terrible…

15 thousand frauds are registered daily in Mexico, warns the Senate

A study by the Belisario Dominguez Institute of the Senate of the Republic warned that 15 thousand frauds and 13…

Does Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín want to run for governor as Morena’s candidate?

The version that all-time PRI Senator Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín would be the virtual candidate for Governor of Yucatán for…

Two upcoming long weekends before the end of 2023

November features two long weekends for students and workers that will allow a total of four days of rest throughout…

Mérida’s Inalámbrica sports facility is renewed with the rehabilitation of its American Football field

Users of the Inalámbrica sports facility can now enjoy renovated and improved spaces with the rehabilitation of the American football…