Oaxaca City: Cultural Tourism at its best (Part 1)

Oaxaca City was recently placed in number two as best travel destination by Travel +.

Hipil, a combination of photography and embroidery featuring the daily life of Maya women

The exhibition Yucatán en hilos, by Mexican artist Alejandra Díaz Mariscal, opened at the Satellite.

Spencer Tunick Finds Artistic Inspiration in Sargassum

According to YEF, the New York artist Spencer Tunick, who is known for his large-scale.

The Yucatan Symphony Orchestra will open its series of concerts featuring Carlos Prieto

Almost two decades ago, Arturo Márquez accepted the order of Carlos Prieto to compose a.

The “Xwaay pool” project seeks to support Maya women in Yucatán

As part of the promotion and work to support the Maya women, inhabitants of the.

FICMaya 2018 will take place in October

Given the speculation about the possible cancellation of the Maya Culture International Festival (Festival Internacional.

The Maya “Red Queen” comes to life in Mexico City museum

John Holman, Latin America expert and collaborator with Al Jazeera,  covered the story on how.

Lucha Libre declared Mexico’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’

According to telesurtv.net, the government of Mexico City has granted Intangible Cultural Heritage status to.

Yucatecan textile companies present at Colombian Fashion Show

Three Yucatecan companies from the textile industry will represent the state of Yucatán in Colombia,.

Catalog highlights relevance of the flower in Mexican Culture

The flower, addressed as a substantive part of the Mexican identity, can be seen and.


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Maya women of the 21st century

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Yucatecan scientists create environmentally friendly vehicle

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