‘Nights of Kukulcán’ returns to Chichén Itzá

After the resolution of the Chichén Itzá problem, the nightly show Noches de Kukulcán will.

Wired and Reclaimed Exhibition at Soho Galleries

Victor Dávalos (Mexico City), Otón Rivera, (Durango) Luca Pravado, (Italy) and Sandra Dooley, (Cuba) give.

ESAY students are inspired by ORLAN’s Mayan Self-Hybridations exhibition

Attracted by a series of digital photographs by the international artist ORLAN, which show her.

1.2 million people expected at the Merida Carnival 2023

It is expected that the Carnival of Mérida will gather more than a million people.

MACAY is the most important center of modern and contemporary art in the Yucatán Peninsula

The museum forms part of the facilities of the old building known as the Ateneo.

Local artist Conchi Garma recognized at the Museum of the Yucatecan Song

An oil painting that portrays the also interpreter is integrated into the gallery of musical.

Merida and Cuba, two nations twinned by a Circus in Paseo de Montejo

Mérida and Cuba twinned through circus is the proposal to be presented by the company.

couple wearing traditional clothing hugging in front of the merida arch uxmal mexico
An Ode to Merida…

By Indalecio Cardeña Vázquez The Merida of the XXI Century. I admire the light that.

Feliz Día de Reyes!

“Día de los Reyes” is a significant holiday celebration across Latin America. Known formally as the.

The first concert to celebrate Mérida will be the “Tribute to the Yucatecan Trova”

The first concert to celebrate Mérida will be the “Tribute to the Yucatecan Trova” with.


Journalist Jimmy Palomo is found alive and well in Bacalar

19/03/2023 | Bacalar, Quintana Roo - In the early hours of this Saturday, journalist Jimmy Palomo was found alive, along…

As every year, Chichen Itza is ready to welcome the Spring Equinox on March 21st

It’s no doubt that Chichen Itza is up there as one of the most awe-inspiring and fascinating archeological sites not only in Mexico; but…

Chichén Itzá: Cold Front chases away the “Feathered Serpent” at the Kukulcán Pyramid

National and foreign tourists were left with the desire to see the descent of the Feathered Serpent Kukulcan in Chichen…

Cuban ship “Melody”, loaded with ballast for the Tren Maya Project, damaged protected coral reefs in Quintana Roo

The ship 'Melody' loaded with 20,000 tons of porphyrite from Cuba, which will serve as ballast for the Tren Maya,…

More than 200 Yucatecan schools visited the FILEY

March 19.-This weekend the attendance of children and young people, accompanied by their families, is expected to be higher. More…