“Lucha Libre” legend El Santo would have turned 106 years old today

Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta, who popularized lucha libre around the world, ‘represented justice and the fight.

Soho House opens its doors in Mexico

A space for art, hospitality, music, and gastronomy that succeeds from Hong Kong to Miami,.

Lucha Libre: The Mexican wrestling phenomenon

Lucha Libre is a sporting spectacle that has not only survived the test of time.

Mérida has 21 new graduates from the Municipal Dance Center

With an invitation to continue their training and share what they have learned with the.

Halloween and “Day of the Death” paraphernalia arrives in Merida’s stores

The Fiestas Patrias have just ended and items such as skulls, pumpkins and witches’ hats,.

Best Pueblos Mágicos for traditional clothing shopping

Explore the heart and soul of Mexico through its vibrant and rich traditional clothing. Nestled.

Historic! Yaxunah Amazons get their first win in the U.S.

The Amazonas of Yaxunah, a women’s softball team from this Mayan community belonging to the.

Plaza De Toros in Cancun totally sold out to see Café Tacvba

Café Tacvba´s concert in Cancun was lived among dances, applause and cheers, where thousands of.

AMLO “shows off” Mexico City Zócalo’s decoration

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, shared how Mexico City’s Zócalo looks illuminated, prior.

Google celebrates Mexico’s Independence with a doodle created by Ulises Mendicutty

His grandfather started by shining shoes on movie sets at the age of eight; however,.


Merida: En Bici will be free of charge until December

The Municipality of Merida announced that the En Bici program will be free of charge until December to continue promoting…

In AMLO’s final year of government, his flagship projects advance at full speed

With the goal of completing his flagship projects, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador begins his last year in office today.…

Lagartos Bar shut down in Merida due to clandestine operation

Six men and two women were left in the hands of the SSP when they were discovered inside a bar…

Truck crashes into fragile Mototaxi on the Merida-Progreso highway

The passenger of a motorcycle cab saw his life flash before his eyes when his trip was altered by the…

Indigenous women in Kantunilkín Quintana Roo stand out in health-related issues

Five women received the award on the occasion of International Indigenous Women's Day, which was celebrated on September 5th. They…