Fried Rice – Vegan and Non-Vegan Versions

Fried rice, a timeless culinary creation that has transcended borders, is a dish that epitomizes.

Chocolate raspberry pistachio brownies

Indulgence takes on a new dimension with the harmonious symphony of flavors in Chocolate Raspberry.

Queso de Bola con Chaya Empanadas

In the realm of culinary pleasures, few things are as universally adored as empanadas –.

Decadence redefined: Indulge in Vegan Brownies

Brownies, the epitome of comfort and indulgence, have undergone a delightful transformation in recent years..

Orange and Mezcal frozen lollipops

As the sun stretches its warm embrace over lazy summer days, there’s no better way.

The delightful Agua de Piña con Chaya

In the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula lies a treasure trove of flavors that tell.

Fruits and vegetables cost the same as junk food: UNAM

A common belief is that eating healthily is expensive or living a “fit life,” especially.

Exploring the fiery world of “Hot Ones”: The ultimate YouTube Channel for spice enthusiasts

In the vast landscape of YouTube, one channel has managed to blaze a trail unlike.

Exploring Tequila’s versatility: From classic Margaritas to unique twists

Tequila, a spirit born from the blue agave plant in the heart of Mexico, has.

Ocasiones creates the desired mood and theme for your dream wedding

Catering is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, as it can make.


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Mexican production “Tótem” a possible nomination for Best International Film at the Academy Awards

"Tótem" by director Lila Avilés will represent Mexico with a possible nomination for the Best International Film category at the…

AMLO recognizes Elon Musk for visiting the border and calling to regulate migration on the U.S. border

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized billionaire Elon Musk on Friday for traveling to the southern border of the United…

Michael Bloomberg, the world’s leading sponsor of climate change activism, declares war on plastics

New York - Michael Bloomberg is many things: a former mayor of New York City, founder of a financial data…

Japanese embassy in Mexico donates rain collectors to the state of Yucatán

The Japanese embassy in Mexico, the government of Yucatan and the International Renewable Resources Institute (IRRI), signed an agreement for…