A 90% occupancy is expected in Cancun restaurants for Independence Day celebrations

The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) expects an occupancy rate.

7 Mexican dishes you have to try during September

There can be hundreds of variations of the same dish in the country, depending on.

Kibis, the most Yucatecan of the Lebanese dishes

Whether eaten on the beach, at a baseball game, or on a busy Mérida avenue,.

Pineapple Gin and Tonic recipe!

This delightful cocktail combines the classic refreshment of a gin and tonic with a tropical.

Renán Barrera opens new markets for honey producers

To promote the economic development of families in the neighborhoods of Mérida, Mayor Renán Barrera.

Do you speak the “Starbucks” language?

An iced tall latte with pumpkin cream and chai tea, please” is an order that.

Creamy mango and cherry jelly delight

When the luscious sweetness of mango meets the vibrant tartness of cherries, magic happens in.

Wondering what to order on your next trip to Mérida?

Yucatecan food in Merida Yucatecan food is a unique and delicious cuisine that reflects the.

Crafting Crème Brûlée at home

Crème brûlée, with its luscious custard base and perfectly caramelized sugar crust, is a timeless.

Tere Cazola to grant recognition to employee who thwarted robbery (Watch Video)

A few days ago, an incident occurred where a thief attempting to rob a Tere.


Maya Village Project: focused on Sustainable Tourism in Yucatán

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, the Yucatán Tourism Promotion Secretary (Sefotur) presented the titles of the Maya Village…

Progreso City Hall works for more inclusion and diversity in its tourist offer

On International Tourism Day, we can observe the commitment of the City Hall of Progreso, led by Mayor Julián Zacarías…

Could Tropical Storms Philippe and Rina collide in the Atlantic?

Tropical Storm Rina formed on Thursday, September 28th in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from Tropical Storm Philippe. Forecasters from the…

INE announces three presidential debates in 2024

On Thursday, September 28th, the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) approved the Work Plan and the schedule…

A group of kidnappers and extortionists are declared guilty

The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) declared four individuals who operated a call center in Mérida to commit scams through…