Pitahaya: more than a tasty fruit rich in antioxidants

Pitahaya, also known as dragon fruit, is a tropical fruit that is native to Central.

Tere Cazola, the most famous pastry brand in Yucatan, inaugurates new processing plant

Governor Mauricio Vila, together with the CEO of Tere Cazola, María Teresa Cazola Bravo, cut.

Healthy dog snack’s recipe

We love nothing more than to see that little tail wagging and our puppy jumping.

BAK’ Tulum: Enjoy the best cuts of meat at BAK’ Tulum Restaurant

In the beautiful city of Tulum, Mexico, you will find BAK’, a restaurant that offers.

Sweet Tooth? Here’s a recipe for you!

A chocolate lava cake is a dessert that consists of a small chocolate cake with.

Mole Chilaquiles, the perfect combination!

Chilaquiles de mole is a traditional Mexican dish made with chilaquiles (fried tortilla wedges) covered.

Our favorite smoothie for breakfast!

This smoothie is packed with nutrients and protein from the Greek yogurt, and the frozen.

How about some chocolate pancakes for breakfast?

Chocolate pancakes are a type of pancake that includes cocoa powder or melted chocolate in.

Grilled Salmon with Roasted Vegetables for dinner

There are many healthy and delicious dinner recipes to choose from, depending on your dietary.

Green juice is more than a fresh beverage

Green juice is a beverage made by blending or juicing various green vegetables and fruits,.


ARVAY promotes gastronomy from Valladolid in the United States

San Diego, California, March 28, 2023.- Following up on the gastronomic and tourism promotion agenda of the Valladolid Restaurant Association,…

Vila promotes Yucatan’s port development at the most important international cruise fair

Vila Dosal held working meetings with representatives of important industries to detonate Yucatan's port growth, such as Fincantieri, Boskalis Dragamex…

Yucatan State government suffers a cyberattack: DMV module without “system”

The license plate and driver's license modules at the Siglo XXI Convention Center are "out of the system". "There is…

UADY’s project will link Yucatan and Cuba

Yucatan and Cuba join academic efforts in the realization of a student project that will result in a new master's…

Land with ancient Mayan civilization buildings commercialized in Yucatán

 Unbelievable, but true. In a Facebook account called "Arkasas", they market a property with ancient Maya buildings and archaeological vestiges…