Past & Present of Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine originated in prehistoric times, in the early human settlements where people lived by.

Tacos are no longer the best food in America; this dish ranks first now, according to TasteAtlas

Mexico is known for having several dishes that are undoubtedly delicious, among them tacos, of.

Yucatecan honey was internationally awarded for a second year in a row

For the second consecutive year, local beekeepers have raised the name of Yucatán by being.

Tasty Yucatecan dishes to celebrate Mexico

This patriotic month here is a friendly reminder that in Mexican cuisine not everything is.

Tequila Altos is revolutionizing the premium segment

Infused with natural citrus and coffee, they burst into the domestic market as the new.

IMSS Yucatán recommends celebrating the Mexican Independence Holidays with a healthy menu

With the aim of celebrating Independence Day while taking care of our health and that.

Restaurant Week Merida

Sept. Oct. 25 to Oct. 1, 2023 Hundreds of restaurants in the city of Mérida.

The “caballero pobre”, a cheap but delicious dessert

The “caballero pobre” (poor gentleman” is one of the most representative desserts of Yucatecan gastronomy,.

Valladolid celebrated one more anniversary as a Magic Town

Yucatan today is considered one of the most important and safe destinations nationally and internationally,.

Patriotic craving? How about some “Enchiladas a la Michoacana” from doña Ángela

Mexico’s culinary art has conquered palates around the world, but few have managed to highlight.


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