“We Are Not The Enemy”. —Trump´s War On Free Press— Editorial in support of the Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe’s editorial page proposed a coordinated editorial response from publications to President Trump’s.

How Politics Impact Tourism

Believe it or not, there is a huge connection between tourism and politics. Tourism is.

Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2018

Once only the privilege of the rich and famous who wanted to improve their looks,.

Our 2018 Summer Visit to Mexico

My family, consisting of my wife and our two sons, visits Mexico each summer. We.


Roseate Spoonbill, Platatea ajaja, Espátula Rosada (Spanish)   “Look at those pink flamingos!” “Where?” “Over.

How to Get a Credit Card Interest Rate Decrease

Many people have had the same credit card for years, always paid on time, and.

Starting And Maintaining a Successful Online Business

In today’s online marketplace, more and more people are abandoning their second or third jobs.

Family Court Notice

Family Court of the State of Delaware, United States, notice of family court action: Respondent,.

Mexico issues standards limiting dangerous methane pollution while U.S. falls behind

On Monday July 30, 2018, Mexico proposed a set of standards that, if fully implemented,.

The Maya “Red Queen” comes to life in Mexico City museum

John Holman, Latin America expert and collaborator with Al Jazeera,  covered the story on how.


The Importance of Renovation or Construction Contracts in Mexico

Building a new home or renovating an existing property? It is imperative you review a construction contract with a lawyer…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. will not allow illegal immigrants to enter its territory

The United States is closely following the migrant caravan, in which thousands of migrants from Honduras and other countries continue…

Man arrested in Mexico City for sexually abusing of more than 30 children

When we read about these type of cases, it makes us wonder why is there no death penalty in Mexico.…

Ixi’im Restaurant: a physical and visual integration that allows transit between epochs

This place went from an abandoned building of XIX Century Hacienda, to a "Premio Versalles 2018" award winning restaurant .…

More police presence in Playa del Carmen

The municipality of Playa del Carmen is instituting new policing strategies in an effort to bring a “return to peace,”…