Young Yucatecan talent at Olimpo’s piano recital

Prior to the sixth edition of the National and International Piano Contest “José Jacinto Cuevas”,.

Absurd: Venezuelan firemen arrested for donkey video mocking Nicolás Maduro (VIDEO)

CARACAS, Venezuela — Two firefighters have been arrested after a video surfaced on social media.

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“Chelem Papers” a graceful face-off with the inevitable

Yucatán Expat, Mr. Grant Spradling launches “Chelem Papers”, his new book in English, in which.


Mexico against breast cancer

National science has taken gigantic steps in the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Mexican scientists have created a broad…

Maya women of the 21st century

Nowadays, a large number of women are entrepeneurs not only in the Yucatecan Capital but also in rural areas of…

Join the International Day of Moon Observation at the Planetarium of Mérida

In order to join the International Day of Observation of the Moon, to be held on Saturday, October 20, in…

Yucatecan scientists create environmentally friendly vehicle

In order to generate efficient and environmentally friendly transportation options, a group of researchers from the Yucatan Scientific Research Center…

Lake Chapala: Mexico’s largest fresh water lake

Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest fresh water lake, with a maximum capacity of approximately 8,000 million cubic metres. The water…