Is 2023 the year of the Yucatan? (Opinion)

Why 2023 is the year of Yucatan By Meagan Drillinger  Yucatan is having a moment..

The paradox of the real Mexico. Op-

18 months ago, in the middle of the pandemic, The Yucatan Times published this editorial.

Magic, tragic and violent Mexico

Mexico ended 2022 with an alarming figure. More than 109,000 missing persons. This terrifying figure.

Will the candidates of Va Por México be PAN members? (OPINION)

By Eduardo Ruiz Healy The national presidents of the PAN, PRI and PRD announced that.

couple wearing traditional clothing hugging in front of the merida arch uxmal mexico
An Ode to Merida…

By Indalecio Cardeña Vázquez The Merida of the XXI Century. I admire the light that.


Two ten month old puma cubs, a male and female, were finally reunited after a.

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Yazmín Esquivel’s thesis and the chain of plagiarism. Pandora’s box opens

Let’s imagine the case of a young lady, a law student, maybe 23 or 24.

From living legend to myth. Sinatra, 107 years

Frank’s music has crossed musical genres, borders, languages, and generations. It is still as relevant as when he was alive because even in the melancholy of his tunes, he always sings about never giving up. Today in 2022, it is one of the most listen to artists on platforms like Spotify with over 22 million listeners a month.

The “spark” that ignited the Mexican Revolution in Valladolid, Yucatán (Anthrop. Indalecio Cardena Vazquez)

In the Yucatecan collective memory, a warlike event that occurred in the city of Valladolid,.

Mexico is a Human Rights disaster under Lopez Obrador (Opinion)

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been battling negative media coverage about his administration’s.


AMLO to inaugurate the new Tulum International Airport on Friday, Dec. 1… Is it ready to start operations?

The Tulum International Airport received its first Boeing 737 , on a test flight, just hours after the official inauguration of the air terminal…

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Atlantic hurricane season comes to an end today

People on the Gulf Coast and along the Eastern Seaboard can breathe a little easier. The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season,…

Man dies hit by a truck in the Sambulá neighborhood

A senior citizen tragically lost his life on the morning of after being run over by a cargo truck in the Sambulá neighborhood , in the southeast of Mérida.…

China’s Tiangong space station is a reality

The crew of China's Shenzhou 16 mission captured incredible images of the Tiangong Space Station as they departed on their…

AMLO requests the Senate to allow U.S. military personnel to train Mexican special forces

Mexico's president has requested permission from the Mexican Senate to allow a group of U.S. military personnel to enter the…