Tere Cazola and Uber Eats sign alliance to enhance the gastronomic experience in Yucatán

Mérida, Yucatán, November 15, 2023.- Tere Cazola, a Yucatecan leader in culinary arts, and the.

These are the recommendations for “El Buen Fin” 2023

From Friday, November 17 to Monday, November 20, el Buen Fin 2023 will take place,.

LMS Redesign Strategies: Transforming UI/UX for Modern Learners

Learning management systems (LMS) are vital in delivering education and training programs in today’s era..

Yucatán will host the first Business Summit of Leaders of Commerce, Services and Tourism

The event will be held from November 22 to 24 at the Yucatán International Congress.

“Progreso will have more employment opportunities with the arrival of Chedraui” (Julián Zacarías)

As previously reported by The Yucatan Times, Grupo Chedraui is making a 3.6 billion pesos.

Grupo Chedraui announces investment of 3.6 billion pesos in 16 new stores across Yucatán

Grupo Chedraui, a nationally renowned company, announced an ambitious expansion plan in the state of.

Nine Yucatecan entrepreneurs will be recognized with the 2023 Women’s Business Development Merit

On November 29, AMMEYUC will recognize nine businesswomen with the 2023 Women’s Business Development Merit.

Nissan Sakura is the best-selling electric vehicle in Japan at only US$13,000

Nissan’s tiny electric Sakura is blowing Tesla out of the water with its shockingly low.

Yucatan and Quintana Roo among the 5 states with the most industrial growth

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) presented the results of the Monthly Indicator.

HSBC Mexico would bring more investment to Yucatan

On November 6, 2023; Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal met with senior executives of HSBC Mexico.


Five pyramidal archaeological structures reopened to the public in Izamal

As of Thursday, December 7th. the five archaeological structures in Izamal were completely reopened, enabled for public visits, reported the…

Tamales: A family recipe passed down from generation to generation

There is not just one traditional Mexican Christmas Dinner but a diversity of dishes depending on the region. But there…

Authorities report a death in a Mérida’s Rehabilitation Center

The death would be allegedly the result of a fight inside the facility. On Thursday, December 7th, a police mobilization…

2022 bullfigthing ban lifted by Mexican Supreme Court of Justice

Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned a 2022 ban on bullfighting in Mexico City, opening the way for events to resume. A…

“La Casa del Yucateco” is now open to the public in San Francisco CA

The new space is a fulfilled commitment of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal where attention and advice is offered to Yucatecans…