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Water level drops in cenotes across Yucatan due to drought

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Due to global warming, the waterholes of the Tizimín police stations are drying up, which causes concern to citizens. These are not only cenotes where the water is drying up, but also in deep wells, some even dried up completely.

In some communities such as Cenote Azul, Sucopo, and Calotmul it is evident how the water level of the cenote has dropped. In Calotmul they have seen a decrease of almost 10 centimeters in the water level.

According to the residents, no one enters that waterhole because it is closed, but they have been surprised by how the water has been going down, which they attribute to heat waves.

Remigio Cocom, who is dedicated to installing irrigation systems, says that on his trips to ranches, he has noticed how the water has gone down in wells, and in others, it has dried up.

He points out that it surprises him how in some wells only stones can be seen at the bottom because the water evaporated, which had never happened.

Juan José Sandoval Gio, researcher at the Tizimín Technological Institute, indicates that we may be dealing with evaporation since the aquifer depends on the discharge of rain to supply itself.

He adds that by not registering rain the state of Yucatán lowers its water table level.

He even gives as an example that with the rains and storms of 2020, after the excess of rain, the water level rose, therefore now with the heat waves it is going down.

The researcher said that everyone hopes that it can recover and there will be rain so that cenotes and wells will fill up again.

In the community of Sucopo, neighbors of the “Sah-kaba” cenote said that for a month they suddenly began to see the water level drop. There are almost 20 centimeters of level that was lowered, a phenomenon that I had never seen before.

While in the Siete Bocas cenote, the drop in water level has not been noticed but the neighbors say that it has veins that connect where there is evidence of the drop in level. Neighbors say that there are artisanal wells where they are dry because when the level of the cenotes dropped they no longer continued to connect to the veins, therefore neither did they connect to the wells.

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