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Mérida, a “desirable” place to live

by Yucatan Times
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“Mérida is a very desirable city to live in,” said Iván Cervera López, who sworn in as president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) of Mérida.

“People want to come to Yucatán, we are struggling with prices a little so that they remain affordable for as many people as possible, but it is a positive scenario,” he said before the event in a hotel in the city.

Interviewed before the inauguration, Cervera López, who has served as president since the beginning of the year, highlighted that the real estate market in Yucatán is growing.

However, he acknowledged that they are dealing with issues of inflation, rising prices, and a lot of supply, but there is “a lot of desirability to come to live in Yucatán, to come to invest in Yucatán,” he noted. In addition, he said that the desirability of living in the Yucatecan capital is constant.

“The stronghold is security, but also everything we have in culture, gastronomy, quality of life. The integration of all this makes Yucatán a very desirable destination for the real estate sector.”

Other factors that, he said, make Mérida one of the preferred places to live for people from other entities are the opportunities for greater employment and legal certainty.

The local president of the AMPI denied that the arrival of people from other cities to the capital has increased the price of housing.

“Demand plays an important role in any economic scenario. The greater the demand, the greater the price increase; but the reality is that there is a significant supply, and the greater the supply, the prices go down,” he assured.

He then added that in his opinion the rise in house prices is more due to a macroeconomic issue, an inflationary issue.

“Let’s remember that we come from a pandemic and all the shortages, we had to have the work of th

e Tren Maya very close, which took a large part of the labor, generated significant competition, and that caused labor prices to rise. ”. Likewise, he said that cement and steel rose a lot in price.

“It is a combination of factors, but (the rise in housing prices) I would not attribute it 100% to the arrival of people, it is certainly one of the factors, but not the only one. In general, the country’s real estate market has increased its price considerably.”

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