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Deficiencies in the Mérida tourist corridor come to light

by Yucatan Times
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The rain that fell in the city of Mérida exposed design and engineering deficiencies in the tourist corridor on 60th Street, according to neighbors and businessmen around the Santa Ana park.

The construction of this corridor took more than a year, but it is finished now and the rains have left evidence of the flooding that is harming businesses and homes in the area.

Although flooding is not exclusive to this neighborhood in the rainy season, the neighbors say that the streets that previously did not have problems with flooding or storm drainage are causing havoc and damage to homes and businesses due to the high volume of water that accumulates and does not drain quickly enough or for good.

The vehicles that travel through the place at high speed move the puddled water that ends up inside homes and establishments, in addition, visitors and tourists avoid passing through the puddled areas.

Last weekend, taking advantage of the visit of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and Mayor Alejandro Ruz Castro, to supervise the work of the tourist passage on 60th Street, the residents and businessmen of Santa Ana came out to meet both of them and pointed out the problem that the rains had highlighted at the intersection of 60th and 45th streets, right where the works end.

Vila Dosal then ordered the installation of two drainage grates at the edge of the slopes to speed up the drainage of water, however, the personnel in charge only limited themselves to digging the ditches on Saturday. On Sunday, June 16, they were practically covered with water and unable to drain the area, which until the next morning still had a certain degree of flooding.

The neighbors reported that the work has affected them in many ways, the businessmen complain about the low flow of visitors and damage to their products due to the water that enters the establishments and the neighbors report that during the entire time that the work lasted, acts of vandalism were committed on some properties, such as graffiti on walls and some post boxes were torn off.

Some neighbors warn that they are respectful of the authority, but they demand that they correct the defects or the work or otherwise, as a form of pressure, they are willing to block 60th Street at 45th Street so that their demands are met.

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