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94-year-old finishes elementary school in Ticul, Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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As time went by, the idea of ​​finishing her Basic Education began to fade away, but fortunately, she changed her mind and decided to go for it!

It is never too late to achieve goals and a clear example of this is the story of Mrs. María Grimilda Dorantes Contreras, a 94-year-old woman from Ticul who recently made a decision that will lead her to fulfill her lifelong dream: she presented the exam to certify her primary level.

The story of Doña Mary joins that of more than 15 thousand Yucatecans, who have participated in the Strategy for Addressing Educational Delay coordinated by the Secretariat of Education of the Government of the State of Yucatan (Segey), and whose benefits have reached 64 municipalities across the state.

“In my family we were very poor, we didn’t have the resources, there was no possibility of going to school, however, I insisted to my mother to take me because she knew of my ability and my desire to study, but unfortunately due to economic reasons I couldn’t finish elementary school at that time,” she added.

As time went by, the idea of ​​finishing her Basic Education was dispersed and even more so with the arrival of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, in whom she placed all the desire and hopes she had in her childhood, and with much effort and love, she contributed to them being students with excellent grades.

This is how her children had various professions: engineers, doctors, lawyers and teachers, who proudly pointed out the effort their mother puts into their education, from getting up early to make breakfast, making uniforms and clothes with her own hands, to helping them do the homework they were given at school.

Arias Dorantes, son of Doña Mary, guided by his mother’s conviction and as an act of gratitude for the values, principles and education she provided to him and his siblings, worked in synergy with Adriana Carrillo Blanco, a teacher at CEBA, where they prepared Doña Mary for her most cherished dream: finishing elementary school.

Carrillo Blanco remembers with emotion the moment when they told him about Mrs. Mary’s dream of finishing primary school. Without thinking twice, he decided to help her achieve her life goals, admiring Mrs. Mary’s determination and fervent desire to learn.

During her test, Mrs. Mary reflected a face full of pride and satisfaction, who, with the help of her teacher, answered her primary school exam with determination and attention. At the end of the test, after several hours, she firmly and emotionally expressed to her family that she would prepare for a new challenge: finishing her secondary education (Secundaria).

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