Home Headlines Young men give water to a boa due to high temperatures in Yucatan

Young men give water to a boa due to high temperatures in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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A group of young people were praised on social media after they helped a boa cool off due to the high temperatures in Yucatan. One of them recorded the moment they gave the reptile water.

The recording was shared on Facebook by a user identified as Novelo Abrissel, who assured that what he did was an act of empathy, which he would have with any other living being that needs water.

“Today we had the opportunity to cool down a snake, sometimes it’s puppies, sometimes little doves, a little water, and empathy, that’s all they need,” he said.

In the video, it was recorded that the boa was not aggressive at any time, but rather moved the upper part of its body looking for the water that was offered to it. He even opened his mouth for a few seconds in the direction of the jet.

A second scene shows the reptile rolling around in the wet dirt, apparently enjoying the chance to cool off.

The gesture of those who offered water to the animal was applauded online, where they recognized its nobility and also its courage to approach a specimen of wildlife that could easily harm them.

“Thank you for your sensitivity and empathy with other living beings with whom we share this planet”, “I have a phobia of snakes, I don’t know if I could do what these young people did. But their empathy towards this animal is applauded” and “That is having empathy with animals even though they say how dangerous it can be”, were some of the reactions.

Some were worried and expressed it with comments such as: “Since it did not flee or attack it is because the truth is that the heat is also affecting it despite being cold-blooded animals…this is worrying.”

It is worth mentioning that the boa is known for being the longest and most robust snake in Mexico, as it reaches lengths of up to 5 meters. Their skin ranges from tan to gray and features dark spots with light centers along the sides. On the underside, its belly and tail are a light tan or cream color with dark irregular spots.

Its distribution extends from the north of Sonora and the center of Tamaulipas to the south of the country, including the Yucatán Peninsula, and the states of Durango, Morelos, Puebla, and San Luis Potosí. Outside Mexico, it is distributed to Argentina and Paraguay.

The boa’s habitat is varied: it can be found under fallen logs, between stones, in cracks or caves, and between tree branches. In addition, they are frequently found inside old or abandoned buildings, as well as in crop areas, since these environments provide the necessary shelter for their survival and reproduction.

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