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The electoral campaigns are done, and two things are clear: a woman will be president of Mexico, and Claudia Sheinbaum and Morena could be massively surprised.

(CDMX—Times Media Mexico)— If Sheinbaum were to become president, it would allow her to give continuity to the “transformation project” that millions of Mexicans see as a total failure. If Xochitl Galvez wins, many hope she can reverse much of what Lopez Obrador has destroyed, including two of the citizens’ main concerns: security and health.

In Morena, they are worried a few days before the vote. They have specific data that there is no certainty that their party and its allies will achieve an absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, mainly because their candidates were repudiated by the Morenistas in many states, which is not surprising to everyone. Morena, to capture more votes, pushed aside its militants to give way to former PRI/PAN members, relatives, obradorist operators, and people with no roots in the party. The forecast is that they will only reach a partial majority, if much.

Claudia Sheinbaum represents the continuity of a system of government that has plunged Mexicans into a spiral of violence and the advance of organized crime in the face of a state that refuses to enforce the law, leaving the country with a 95% impunity rate, assassinations of candidates, kidnappings, femicides and disappeared people as never before. In terms of health, the system has been looted, practically destroyed, and is deficient. However, Morena’s bases have been solidified thanks to AMLO’s money giveaways. An army of people called “servants of the nation” whose job is to visit the least educated sectors of the country and make them think that Lopez Obrador is the one who delivers their “support” when that money comes from the payment of taxes of economically active people.

Xóchitl Galvez, on the contrary, focused on exposing that insecurity and health are the main concerns of a society fed up with the violence that affects everyone. Galvez demonstrated during her campaign that insecurity has so perverted the quality of life of society that every day, there is normalization and desensitization to the kidnapping, robbery, or murder of any person. Xóchitl Galvez became the voice of those who do not agree with the government and those who want to but cannot, for fear, raise their voices. She’s been denouncing the health crisis, the insecurity, and the misguided strategy of embracing criminals instead of pursuing and prosecuting them according to the law.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two political proposals lies in what each offers. Claudia, the continuity of a pact of impunity in exchange for loyalty between the government and organized crime, which, if history has taught us anything, is that such agreements never end well for either party, and society ends up being the worst victim of it, as happened in Colombia with the Cali and Medellin cartels.

Xóchitl, a woman of indigenous and humble origin who, with effort, has struggled to get ahead, stood out because she has bravely exposed the government’s lies regarding economic growth, infrastructure, health, and insecurity. She has been highly critical of a government that boasts about a refinery that does not refine, the construction of a Mayan train that destroyed the unique ecosystem of the Yucatan Peninsula region, or a “mega pharmacy” that only delivers a few medicines every day.

Obradorism is betting on fear. Fear of the end of constitutional support, fear of dissent and opinion because of the reprisals that may arise, fear for members of the opposition, fear for business people, fear for ministers and judges.

The most significant difference is that Galvez believes in working together, from the communities and indigenous peoples to the micro and small businesses to the large industries that generate the wealth Mexico is crying out for. Xóchitl closes her campaign by demonstrating that she can win the elections and change this government regime plagued with lies and “other data.”

For one or the other, the most important thing is to call on society to vote massively since abstentionism is the greatest challenge. If society unites and goes out to vote, there will be no doubt about the popular sentiment and what the people of Mexico will decide. Therefore, GO OUT AND VOTE!

Editorial Board – Times Media Mexico
The Yucatan Times
May 30, 2024

The editorial board of Times Media Mexico and The Yucatan Times consists of nine people from different nationalities and backgrounds. They are selected based on their trajectory and objectivity.

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