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Chiltomate, a rare Mexican sauce considered one of the most delicious in the world

by Yucatan Times
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Chiltomate is a traditional sauce from the cuisine of southeastern Mexico, especially rooted in Yucatecan cuisine. It is made mainly from roasted or cooked tomatoes, chili peppers, red onion, and cilantro, ingredients that are ground together until a homogeneous consistency is achieved. It is often seasoned with salt and the juice of sour orange, a local citrus fruit that adds a distinctive flavor to the dish.

This sauce is an essential accompaniment to various typical dishes of the region, such as tacos, panuchos, salbutes, papadzules, and cochinita pibil, providing a spicy and fresh touch that enhances the flavors of the food. Its preparation reflects the mixture of pre-Hispanic and European culinary traditions, characteristic of Mexican gastronomy.

The chiltomate is not only relevant for its role in local cuisine but also as part of the cultural identity of the region. It represents the rich biodiversity of Yucatán, using endemic ingredients from the area, and is a testimony to the agricultural and culinary practices that have been transmitted from generation to generation.

Taste Atlas, the important culinary encyclopedia that is responsible for rating gastronomy from around the world, rates Mexican food highly. Among the national dishes it includes is chiltomate, which gives it a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. This is how it describes the traditional sauce:

“Chiltomate is a rich Yucatecan sauce that consists of tomatoes, habanero peppers, cilantro, and onion. Tomatoes, habaneros, and onions should be roasted before blending with cilantro and salt. Once prepared, the chiltomate should have a thick consistency with some pieces remaining in the sauce, while the flavor should be spicy, sweet, and slightly smoky. It is recommended to serve it with papadzules, enchiladas, or eggs motuleños.” Mexican sauces are a fundamental element in the country’s gastronomy, characterized by their richness in flavors, colors, and textures. Several of them are recognized both nationally and internationally for their unique flavor and their ability to complement a wide range of dishes. These are some of the best-known.

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