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Religious issues stop organ donations in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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The recent case of a double kidney transplant at the O’Horán Hospital in Mérida, from a donor from Tizimín, was the crowning of an effort that began at the San Carlos hospital in this city.

According to data provided by the director of the hospital, Dr. Adrián Cepeda Cutiz, the recent success will be recorded in the history of the hospital, setting a precedent in Health matters for the state of Yucatan.

Regarding the number of organ donations, the doctor says that even today certain taboos and religious beliefs persist that influence the people’s decision to donate.

Organ donation is promoted in Yucatán and the rest of Mexico, but certain taboos or beliefs persist according to the religion professed.

Dr. Cepeda Cutiz says that anyone can be a donor as long as it is their will, making a stipulation with family members as wtinesses, in writing or on a notarized document.

You can donate skin, bone, liver, kidneys, lungs, part of the intestine, corneas, and even hair, everything will depend on compliance with all the studies and protocols.

In this sense, he details that there are forms issued by the organ transplant program where the interest in donating can be written down.

The doctor explained that it was the praiseworthy work of his medical and nursing team, who were the ones who intervened to keep the donor in optimal condition despite the critical situation he was in and guarantee that the organs arrived functionally at the Agustin O’Horan Hospital in Mérida.

Dr. Cepeda Cutiz added that currently the two people who received the organs are progressing well and will surely be grateful for the rest of their lives for this gesture of humility and love offered by the donor’s family.

In the recent donation case, the patient was a candidate to donate kidneys, and the body was in Tizimín, so after his family accepted, the medical team worked 12 hours to monitor the donor to ensure that the organs arrived. in optimal conditions.

He thanked the health workers because they were committed, taking care of every detail so that this complicated and meticulous process could be achieved.

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