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Investigation proves Rocío Nahle has 5 million US dollars in tax havens

by Yucatan Times
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Suddenly, rivers of money flowed from nowhere to Tax Havens in the Caribbean.

To the alleged estimated 100 million in family properties of the Nahle family, not counting the apartment in New York that was recently revealed, another scandal is added due to the discovery of the export of millionaire sums in US dollars to tax havens.

José Luís Peña, Jeff Ferguson and Rocío Nahle (SIG CODE VDR00038/CD-000947856GGA TREASURE BOND FUTURE), according to a document attributed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation -FBI- that a few hours ago began to circulate on social networks, detected exports of foreign currency to First Caribbean International Bank, to Scotiabank Bahamas, Virgin Islands. Bank: Alhambra Bank and to the Bank of the Bahamas, for repeated deposits ranging between 100 thousand and 370 thousand US dollars between 2021 and 2024.

The transfers reach figures exceeding 5 million US dollars.

The information made public, which comes from the United States, the Caribbean and South America, cites “FBI-GOV” as a source. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), required data from an account in the name of José Luis Peña. Peña, another one where Rocío Nahle appears and a third where somebody by the name of Jeff Ferguson is included.

This news come in parallel to another leak that shows the family of Claudia Sheimbaum appearing on the Panama Papers – with deposits of up to 5.5 million US dollars.

The export of money to various Caribbean banks is reflected as follows:
A transfer of foreign currency to Virgin Islands. Bank: Alhambra Bank & Trust LTD, and an account number is displayed: ACC_NUMBER: #38106227 AUTH: JOSE LUIS PEÑA-ROCIO NAHLE-JEFF FERGUSON.

The deposits in these tax havens are successive between 2012 and January 2024: 200 thousand dollars through MK Ventures; 210 thousand dollars via Kionas Holdings; 300 thousand US dollars for MK Ventures, as well as another 370 thousand dollars through the same means, MK Ventures S.A.

100 thousand US dollars moved through Kioneas Holdings Limited; 150 thousand US dollars more for Cavoria Capital Investments INC. ID 99900882561BK: SCOTIABANK BAHAMAS ID: 0291 PMT and 100 thousand US dollars for UBS (Bahamas).

Other transfers record a currency movement of 250 thousand US dollars through CAVORIA CAPITAL INVESTMENT INC A “Scotiabank Bahamas” and 190 thousand dollars through MKT VENTURA S.A. to the FIRST CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANK. on November 7, 2023.

The list is long, it has sections and transfers to five banks on a preferential basis and it is noteworthy that the central account or mother account has the names of José Luis Peña Peña and Rocío Nahle García.

These are explosive revelations that will shake the Veracruz electoral campaign: Rocío Nahle, candidate for governor for Morena, and her husband, José Luis Peña Peña, are clearly linked to millionaire bank accounts abroad.

Columnist Edgar Hernandez had access to documents that prove that Nahle and her husband are owners of not one, but two offshore accounts in tax havens with amounts exceeding US$5 million.

Both Nahle and her husband are owners of a company called Green Solutions established in two different accounts. One in the Bahamas, in the Bank of the Bahamas Limited under number 58916701 and another in the Virgin Islands in the Alhambra Bank and Trust, with account No. 38106227.

The account in the Virgin Islands for a total amount of $2,806,974 US dollars. The account in the Bahamas for a total amount of $2,561,971 million US dollars

The most disconcerting thing about all this is that both accounts were opened during 2021, that is, while Nahle was fulfilling his duties as Secretary of Energy.

The connection between her public office and the million-dollar accounts raises even deeper questions about possible conflicts of interest, diversion of public resources, and abuse of power.

An unprecedented scandal that at this point involves not only the State of Veracruz, but also President López Obrador and Morena.

Besides, banking records show that Nahle has recently deposited money into these accounts, for more than two million US dollars into both accounts in the last year ALONE. Her most recent deposits are dated January 2024,, while Nahle was in the middle of a political campaign promising honest work, more employment, and reduction of poverty.

The investigation proves that Nahle and her husband were evading taxes and depositing astronomical sums in tax havens.

Deposits from the last year in account N°58916701 located in the Bahamas for an amount greater than one million US dollars and the last movement dated 01/18/2024.

Similar transfer to another account No. 38106227 located in the Virgin Islands for an amount greater than one million dollars and the last movement dated 01/16/2024.

The accounts have shed light on a reality that contrasts dramatically with the asset declarations presented by Rocío Nahle to the Tax Administration Secretariat (SAT) and the declarations to the FGR as a political official.

On paper, Nahle only declares modest assets in Mexico consisting of a house donated by her mother, a 2016 Nissan car and an account with 95,000 thousand Mexican pesos. A substantial difference that deliberately omits the more than five million US dollars abroad, plus the one hundred million pesos in family properties.

How is this discrepancy possible? Where does this money come from?

These are the questions that are on the minds of the citizens of Veracruz and national public opinion today.

Speculations and theories begin to be woven around the source of these funds, fueled by doubt and disbelief. Did Andres Manuel López Obrador know about these initiatives? And the current candidate for President Claudia Sheinbaum? Now that the information has come to light, will they continue to come out in favor of her candidate or will they demand her resignation?

Although there is still no official position from the Morena political party, unofficially, it has been said that members of Morena are very upset with their candidate in Veracruz. Their main concern is that these corruption events could tarnish Sheinbaum’s presidential campaign.

Nahle and her partner have not offered public explanations for these findings, which makes the scandal bigger. It is expected that in the next few hours they will respond to the repeated demands for transparency and accountability.

This turbulent episode has transformed the political landscape of Veracruz into an unstable terrain full of uncertainty and serious suspicions.

In the midst of the accusations and complaints, one question persists: what is the truth behind Rocío Nahle’s secret accounts?

*This is a transalation of the article published by National Journalism Award Edgar Hernández on the web portal Línea Caliente

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