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INE rejects registration of 27,913 Mexican nationals living abroad

by Yucatan Times
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These voters were declared inadmissible because they had problems with the signature, proof of address, among other requirements.

The National Electoral Institute (INE) determined that 27,913 Mexicans living abroad had some anomaly in their registration to vote in the next election, which is why it declared their request ‘inadmissible’.

A few weeks ago, the parties presented 161,623 observations to the Nominal List of Mexicans Abroad, from those who had their credentials domiciled in the country, but asked to vote abroad, to dozens of registrations made on the same computers, among other anomalies.

However, the Executive Directorate of the Federal Voter Registry considered that 39,724 had possible irregularities.

18,203 had problems with their signature, because it was false, came from a copy or was illegible.

Another 861 had irregularities in the proof of address, as it was apocryphal, altered, repeated or did not meet requirements; 12,574 records came without a filter, without the back or front of the credential, which was an essential requirement.

Another 8,086 records were made with copies, incomplete or apocryphal documentation.

After a review of these cases, the final number of inappropriate registrations was reached.

In the INE report, it is stated that the Nominal List of people who registered to vote by some modality from abroad totals 181,388 registrations.

Of them, 120,946 will do it online, 47,647 by post and 12,735 in person. In addition, 6,060 were incorporated in a precautionary manner in the postal modality, since at the time of closing the registry their credential was in process, so the INE will call them to inform them if they want that option or in person in special boxes.

INE responds to problems with applications from Mexicans abroad-

On the morning of this Saturday, April 13, the INE shared a statement after presenting ‘irregularities’ in several records of the voting of Mexicans from abroad.

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