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Have a glimpse into the past with Mexico’s Mammoth Discoveries

by Yucatan Times
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In recent years, Mexico has become a hotbed for paleontological discoveries, particularly those related to mammoths. One of the most significant findings occurred during the construction of a new airport, where scientists unearthed the remains of approximately 60 mammoths.

This discovery was not far from another significant site, where archaeologists had previously found large earthen pits, estimated to be around 15,000 years old. These pits, located just north of Mexico City, contained the remains of more than a dozen mammoths, some of which showed signs of being butchered. This led researchers to hypothesize that these pits were traps laid by human ancestors to capture these enormous prehistoric creatures.

The newly discovered mammoth graveyard, just six miles away from the aforementioned pits, presented a different scenario. The mammoths here did not show signs of human involvement in their demise. The remains were spread across three sites, one of which was situated at the former shoreline of an ancient lake called Xaltocan.

Archaeologist Pedro Francisco Sánchez Nava of the INAH suggested that the mammoths, including adult males, females, and their offspring, may have been lured by the lush reeds and grasses of the shallows, only to get stuck in the mud¹. The possibility that humans might have taken advantage of these trapped mammoths has not been ruled out.

These discoveries have the potential to reshape our understanding of the relationship between our ancestors and these now-extinct pachyderms. As Sánchez Nava noted, mammoth meat may have been a regular part of their daily diet. These findings underscore the rich paleontological heritage of Mexico and offer fascinating insights into the life and times of the mammoths.

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